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Labradoodles of Montana "Burnished Copper" 

Confident, Playful and Attuned!

Labradoodles of Montana "Burnished Copper"

ALAA Registration Number 086680

WALA Registration Number 00016458

Date of Birth: May 18, 2019

Colour: Caramel and White

Size: Small Medium

Height: 17 inches

Weight:  32 pounds

Coat: Wavy Soft Fleece

Health: Health: Hips OFA Excellent, CERF and elbows clear/normal, FF, clear for EIC, vWD, PRA, PRCD

Burnished Copper comes to us from Labradoodles of Montana! We are proud to announce that we now co-own the newest member of our breeding program, Burnished Copper, with our mentor and friends at Van Isle Labradoodles.  Burnished Copper comes to us all the way from Montana, USA.  He flew first class in the cabin escorted by his flight nanny to Seattle, Washington.  Four members from Chilliwack Labradoodles were waiting with open arms to greet him.  We then continued this journey crossing the US/Canadian border and onto our small hometown of Chilliwack, BC Canada.  At home, we were able to get to know Copper before taking him to YVR where we met up with Van Isle's flight nanny and dog trainer.  Copper was happily escorted via Harbour Air Seaplane to his final destination on Vancouver Island. We welcome Copper into our breeding program while living forever with his Guardian Family over on Vancouver Island.

Copper is an extremely attentive miniature Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle.  His Loyalalties already reside with his humans.  No matter how much fun he may be having with his playmates or entertaining himself with a toy, he is quick to check in and make sure everyone is doing ok.  Copper's genetics leave us with that amazing "triple effect. He carries for parti, phantom and will add the splashy white spotting too many of his puppies in his upcoming litters.  With his well rounded confident temperament, fun personality and great genetics, Copper will compliment each of our girls tremendously well.

Confident Copper!

Steadfast! and Resourceful 

Comically Playful!

Dedicated to hisPeople!

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