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Chilliwack Labradoodle's Ladybug Eastwood!


Chilliwack Labradoodle's Ladybug Eastwood

ALAA Registration Number 085939

WALA Registration Number WALA00035521

Date of Birth: Dec. 5, 2019

Colour: Chocolate Phantom With White Flash

Size: Mini-  45.72 cm (16 inches)

Weight:  18 lbs

Coat: Soft Fleece

Health: Hips-Good, Elbows/Pelvis-Normal, CERF-Clear


Puppies Expected Summer 2023

Don't let little Ms. Ladybug's size fool you! She is as full of "Spunk" as her momma Sakura and can keep up with even the medium size girls!  Ladybug is a very clever, playful, and affectionate girl. She has the nice square Australian Labradoodle build with an amazing all-around temperament consistent with the Labradoodle breed. Ladybug enjoys her time with children and they love to gush over her! In terms of Labradoodles Ladybug has a very unique coat colour and pattern. She wears a chocolate phantom coat with white faux tuxedo marking. We are excited to bring all of her amazing attributes and zest for life attitude forward in her future puppies!  

Playful and Kind Hearted!

Quite the Character!

Seriously Soft To The Touch!

Playful and Outgoing!

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