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Chilliwack Labradoodles'  
Red Holly


Chilliwack Labradoodles Red Holly "Gisou"

ALAA Registration Number- 108964

WALA Registration Number -00073247 

Date of Birth:  October 27, 2021

Colour: Apricot with white flash

Size: Miniature

Weight:  18  lbs     

Height:  15  inches

Coat: Fleece coat

Health: Hips Good, CERF and elbows clear/normal, F/F, clear for EIC, vWD, PRA, PRCD-carrier

Gisou radiates warmth and makes a lasting impression on everyone she meets. She exudes a strong sense of self-assurance, which drives her to explore and befriend both animals and humans. She gravitates to children and is happy to match their playful behaviour. She has a charming, courteous demeanor and is adept at adapting to any situation. She is a cherished companion to her Guardian Mom and accompanies her on daily indoor and outdoor adventures.


As breeders, we are thrilled to introduce Gisou's wonderful nature and radiant beauty to her future generations of puppies. Sharing this incredible breed with our families to enjoy as much as we do.

Playful Perfection




Expected Puppies!

Honeymooned:                      Sept.            2023

Estimated Birthdate:             Nov.            2023

Expected Going Home:        End Dec.    2023

Litter Availability:  Full

What We Might Expect from Gisou's Upcoming Litter!

We can expect to welcome puppies with coats of red and caramel, some with white flash and possibly a parti or phantom coated puppy as well!

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