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Chilliwack Labradoodles'  Silver Espresso


Chilliwack Labradoodles Silver Espresso aka Coco

ALAA Registration Number 103621

WALA Registration Number 00067503

Date of Birth:  June 10, 2021

Colour: Cocolate Phantom

Size: Miniature           

Weight:   15 lbs     

Height:  15  inches

Coat: Wavy, fleece coat

Health: Hips Good, CERF and elbows clear/normal, F/F, clear for EIC, vWD, PRA, PRCD-carrier

Expected Puppies! 2024

Litter Availability:  Available

Chilliwack Labradoodles Silver Espresso is our fantastic deep chocolate phantom girl. Do not let her mini size fool you she is packed with an outgoing and playful personality. This happy go lucky girl brings a smile to everyone she meets.  Her favorite pastimes going for a walk, training for treats, playing fetch and sometimes if you are not careful hide-and-seek with sunglasses, remotes or other devices you may forget to put away.  

While Coco easily loves everyone she meets, the love shared between she and her guardian family is palpable. Coco's silky soft coat makes her snuggles that much more irresistible. We look forward to meeting her very first litter of  puppies this July 2023. 





Prince Charmining!

The complementary temperaments between Silver Espresso, aka Coco and our boy Puppy Loves Kuro's black Tie Event will surely build upon the exceptional breed standards we hold our Australian Labradoodles accountable to. Momma Coco comes from our exceptional miniature lines know for their lab like athleticism including a passion for swimming and ball. As well as their clever attunement allowing them to excel in training and therapy work. Rex, may resemble a big old grizzly bear but beyond that silky soft coat he has the the most tender heart.


The litter will produce puppies great for any family. Whether you are a larger active family with children or a retired couple who enjoys daily walks and cuddles. This pairing will produce adaptable and attuned puppies ready to please!


Add to this the wide range of coat colours and patterns we could potentially receive and we will truly be celebrating Canada's birth month in style!  We anticipate puppies ranging from predominantly chocolate and black coats, we will likely have puppies with caramel, and red coats. Puppies may be solid, with white flash, phantom or sable coats! 

IMGUSE  For Post 9260_edited_edited.png

Litter Availability: 
One Reservation  Available

 Large Miniature-Medium

Date Of Birth:  July 15, 2023

Puppy Pick-Up Date:  September 9, 2023

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