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Easy Step-By-Step Application Process


The Missing Piece To Your Family Puzzle!

Easy Step-By-Step Application Process!

-Step One-

Complete and submit our application. Please complete as thoroughly as possible. This will help us select just the right puppy for you and your family.  

Please understand we receive many emails each day, when working with our families we like to be as attentive and thorough as possible spending individual time with each family to ensure their preferences are met.  Rest assured we will review our applications in date order received and will respond to each one in order, to ensure a fair process.  We may have follow-up questions which we will send to you via email.

-Step Two-

Once you have been approved your next step is to send us a Non-Refundable Deposit of $500.00.  The Deposit will be taken off the total purchase price when your balance is due. You will e-transfer your deposit to        

All Deposits are Non-Refundable but may be transferred to the next available litter if need be.

-Step Three-

Once we receive your deposit we will work with you to determine which litter you would like your Reservation allocated. Once allocated to a litter we will email you with updates as our Momma's move through their reproductive cycles! 

 If you choose to be allocated to our General Waitlist we will email you as our Momma's move through their heat cycles or if we have availability arise in any and all earlier litters.

What is a General Waitlist Reservation?

Our litter Reservations fill up quickly, usually long before a litter is born. Not all litters are posted to our website, in order to ensure accurate estimations for our families with regards to take home dates and what we may potentially see in our litters, we update our website as our momma's evolve through their cycles. We are then continually updating expected litters throughout 2022 and beyond. 


We have families such as yourselves asking if they can be placed on a waitlist and be notified as our Momma's cycle and her reservations open. These families want to be notified when we have more than anticipated puppies born to an earlier litter in hopes of receiving a puppy within an earlier timeframe. For these reasons we have created Our General Waitlist.

Benefits To You And How The General Waitlist Works!

Our General Waitlist not only ensures the families who have General Waitlist Reservations will receive a Chilliwack Labradoodle puppy as our litters evolve but before we offer them to the general public and before we have posted them to our website. 


You will notice the litters currently posted to our website will say Waitlist Only or Filled.  

- Families who have accepted applications and reservation deposits will be on our general Waitlist Reservation. We    then work with each family allocating their Waitlist Reservation to a litter that is posted as: Waitlist Only, or to       discuss availability in our upcoming litters not yet posted to our website. We take our time working alongside our   families during this process to ensure they are matched with a litter within their timeline and to which they feel   they are most suited. 

- We will also connect with you via email to notify you of any litters that may have had more than anticipated       puppies born unto them or in the event we have had a family defer to a later litter. These puppy opportunities   will  be done on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore you will need to respond in a timely matter as we will be   connecting with the next family on our General Waitlist. 

There is no obligation to move your General Waitlist  reservation to a litter being offered, you can simply decline and we will keep your General Waitlist Reservation intact while continuing to notify and work through each and every opportunity that arises until you have decided on the litter that best suits your family. 

Well Rounded In Every Way!

Ingenious, Devoted, and Fun!

Every bit the silkiest, softest LiveTeddy Bear!

Loyal, Athletic, Compasionate!

Playful and Loves People!

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