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Good Afternoon Chilliwack 

This is a very exciting time and we are so happy that you have chosen a Chilliwack Labradoodle to become part of your family!

For this Pupdate, we thought you may want to source out some puppy essentials in preparation for your new fur baby.  We hope you find the following list helpful!



In order to be prepared for your puppy, we have compiled a list of supplies you may find helpful!

⦁    Feeding Bowls
⦁    Flat cloth buckle or snap collar
⦁    Lightweight six-foot cloth leash
⦁    ID Tag
⦁    Front Lead Harness (Leash should be able to clip on a loop at the front of the harness positioned by the dog's chest) It will be less likely the dog will pull. Harnesses with the loop on the back cause the dog to instinctively want to pull.)








⦁    Treat Pouch For Training 
⦁    Good quality chews toys and lots of them, the puppy is teething and likes to play! Encouraging your puppy to chew the toy rather than your finger will teach him appropriate ways to live in our human world.
⦁    Balls, tug toys, deer antler, bison horns, bully sticks are a terrific option for teething puppies.
⦁    Rubber Kong Pink or Baby Blue Colour to start. (This will help with teething and expending energy through mental stimulation. 



⦁    Crates and Gates
You will need a place to put your puppy when you can’t supervise him. Crates are ideal and they have the added benefit of creating a safe place or den for your puppy.  When selecting a crate you will have a variety of options I personally prefer the smaller plastic crate for my young puppies, and move them to wire crates once they outgrow the smaller one. You could consider purchasing one that will be large enough to accommodate your dog when he is fully grown.
A dog should be able to stand up, turn around and stretch out completely without hitting the crate walls.  Most crate companies offer dividers so that the crate can be made larger or smaller. If you will be purchasing a crate large enough to fit your puppy from puppyhood till full-grown the divider option will work best. While your puppy is small and you are potty training you will want the crate to be just big enough to fit your puppy. If there is a divider you can section off your puppy's sleep area to the appropriate size. Puppies do not like to potty in their sleep area if the sleeping area just fits your puppy he/she will be less likely to potty in this area and be more successful with potty training.

The Crate that Chilliwack Labradoodles uses for our

Medium size adult Labradoodles is:

24" Tall x 36" Deep x 22" Wide.

Miniature Size adult Labradoodles is:  19.5" Tall  X 30" Deep X 19" Wide

⦁    Baby Gate, If you prefer to contain your puppy to one area, baby gates are ideal.
⦁    X-Pen Exercise pens are a safe option for your puppy if you are busy and cannot be right with him/her. If you need to leave the house for a period of time you can leave food, water a sleeping and potty area in the X-Pen for your puppy.

For both our miniature and medium-size Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle we suggest purchasing an Exercise Pen at least 36" tall, with a split door.








You may want to purchase a taller X-Pen for your puppy so he will fit in it as he grows through all ages and stages. 

⦁    Puppy will prefer a nesting feeling in its crate. (If it is too hot for puppy he may simply want to lie on the bottom of a cool crate) We recommend easily washable items, towels, or baby blankets. Pads or cushions are great as well but you will need to make sure they are washable.
⦁    Pet waste bags purchased at your local pet store are convenient for picking up after your puppy. 
⦁    A pooper-scooper you may find helpful.
⦁    A large bucket or garbage with a lid in your back yard to contain your puppies' daily waste. (Adding 2-3 inches of kitty litter to the bottom of your enclosed bucket will help keep your yard clean and tidy while reducing smells and keeps flies from invading your garbage can.
⦁    Brush:  Slicker Brush 

You can purchase a slicker brush resembling the peach one below at your local Walmart or pet store.

The brand of slicker brush we use is “Chris Christensen” the peach coloured one, pictured below.  The one we recommend for families to start off with is their black coloured brush, medium in size, the pins are spaced slightly further apart and do not pull so much. They are both amazing!


You can purchase this online at

Brush:  Slicker Brush   

As well their site:
⦁    Steel Comb
⦁    Cowboy Magic (this product helps comb through dog coat, will help with smoothing out mats.) 












As always if you have any questions you can email us at and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Until next month, happy shopping everyone! 


Chilliwack Labradoodles

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