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Puppy Assignment!


A Great Match!

What is Puppy Assignment?


At Chilliwack Labradoodles, we place puppies using a system that we call “Puppy Assignment".


Puppy Assignment is a great way to help ensure the puppy and their family are ultimately a good match for life.  Families are naturally first drawn to the external appearances of a puppy. While one might prefer a certain color or sex of a puppy this puppy may not have the qualities including behavior and temperament that best suits a particular home. 


Let us take a home with children; we need to fit that home with a puppy that is drawn towards children and a puppy that may take the lead with certain playtime activities. If a puppy that you liked at first glance is a little more laid back than the rest of the puppies and maybe a bit shy, we may NOT choose this puppy for your home. For long-term success in a busy home with children, we look at a puppy that has a playful yet calm and confident demeanor.


However endearing these external appearances seem initially, we believe our family’s main priority is the compatibility of the dog’s personality and temperament to their new family.  Our goal is to ascertain the greatest opportunity for a deep connection and great fit for our families and puppies, ensuring the long term success of a positive and trusting relationship.


Puppy Assignment is based on a combination of formal and informal methodologies, not just one formal testing increasing the overall match between puppy and family.  From the time the puppies are born, members of our program are categorically observing the puppies. We watch for some specific and some not so specific traits, tendencies, and overall temperament of the puppies. For example, we expose and observe them to early neurological stimulation, different environments, and various ages of people from babies to seniors.

Between week four and week five we will send out a Family Questionnaire asking each family for a bit more information about their lifestyles and hobbies.


Then between six and eight weeks of age, we will do a Personality Check on each puppy.  This includes things like inviting a stranger in to observe how the puppies react and interact with them. Finally, at seven weeks of age, we will do Formal Temperament and Personality Testing on each puppy known as "Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test." 


After we have a good perspective on each puppy, we reread over your applications, questionnaires and unquestionably try to match you with a puppy according to your preferences. 


When we send out your seven-week Pup Date, we will reveal which puppy has been selected as your fur-baby.  


Throughout their time with us the puppies are ever-developing and changing, their fears, confidence, and preferences may evolve from week to week. What was once a puppy who was a little more laid back may develop a new sense of self, become confident, and take the lead in situations. This is again why it is important for us to be observing and tracking each puppy from birth.


When your puppy comes home, he/she will continue to develop his personality. Australian Labradoodles are very clever they learn from every experience so it is important to ensure most of what he is learning is a wanted behavior! When you bring your puppy home it is extremely important for you to continue to train and socialize your puppy as much as you can to allow your puppy to reach its greatest potential! Consistency in the short term will prove for years of unconditional love and devotion!

Something We Consider...Matching Puppies to Homes With Established Dogs!

Something We Consider...Matching Puppies to Homes With Established Dogs!

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One of our Guardian Homes already had an established Fur-Baby "Ellie Mae" this is something we consider when we are doing our Puppy Assignment. It takes a certain temperament of the new puppy entering into the home to make for a smooth and healthy long-term relationship between fur babies. 

This is what our Guardian Family had to say about this video and the relationship between the two fur-babies at this beginning stage of their relationship!

"They are becoming great friends! My Ellie Mae was having none of it for the first few days, but our breakthrough came yesterday when this happened! Sophie is the most playful. Sweet-natured dog ever."

Well Rounded In Every Way!

Every bit the silkiest, softest LiveTeddy Bear!

Ingenious, Devoted, and Fun!

Loyal, Athletic, Compasionate!

Playful and Loves People!

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