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Chilliwack Labradoodles'  Red Horizon


Chilliwack Labradoodles Red Horizon "Sienna"

ALAA Registration Number 105772

WALA Registration Number  00069225

Date of Birth:  Aug. 7, 2021

Colour: Caramel with white flash

Size: Miniature

Weight:  25  lbs     

Height:  16  inches

Coat: Fleece coat

Health: Hips Good, CERF and elbows clear/normal, F/FW, clear for EIC, vWD, PRA, PRCD

Expected Puppies!

Honeymooned:                    May      2023

Expected Birthdate:             July       2023

Going Home:              Week of September 12th

Litter Availability:  Available


We marvel at the lioness attributes Sienna wears in both her coat and gentle, devoted inner core. She is a playful, fun loving girl who lives in a strata complex  with her devoted guardian family. Sienna enjoys exploring outdoors, is adaptable, loves children and other dogs.  A few of her pastimes are playing ball, exploring the beach or forests and while in our presents patiently curled up next to you. Our Groomer was so thoroughly impressed by Sienna's calm demeanor and luxurious coat she asked if Sienna could be her model in a live grooming show!

We are thrilled to be able to pass along her fine temperament and lioness good looks to each and every one of her puppies! 


Heart Of A Lion


Purr Of A Kitten!

 Chilliwack Labradoodles Red Horizon and Chilliwack Labradoodles Sir Rose Galahad!

 The combination of both Chilliwack Labradoodles Red Horizon, aka Sienna and Chilliwack Labradoodles Sir Rose Galahad, aka Obi will surely produce exceptionally loving, devoted and attuned puppies. Both Sienna and Obi have and exceptionally stalky conformation exceeding Australian Labradoodle standards with loyal, tender hearts. This pairing will produce puppies great for any family. 


We estimate a litter similar in looks to both of their parents. Lovely caramels varying in lighter to deeper shades, reds also ranging in shades of apricot and cream, we will likely see white flash present itself in some of their coats. With the added possibility of a parti or phantom coated puppy!



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Rosewood Harvey at Sun Valley Labradoodles

Litter Availability:  Full
 Large-Miniature to Medium 

Date Of Birth:  July 15, 2023

Puppy Pick-Up Date:  September 9, 2023

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