VanIsle Blanca Para Nieve


VanIsle Blanca Para Nieve

ALAA Registration Number 094798

WALA Registration Number 00039087

Date of Birth:  July 18, 2020

Colour: Extreme Caramel Parti

Size: Mini 

Weight:   lbs     

Height:   16.5 inches

Coat: Straight, fleece coat

Health: Hips OFA good, CERF and elbows clear/normal, FF, clear for EIC, vWD, PRA,

PRCD: Carrier


Our Gorgeous VanIsle Blanca Para Nieve exudes a spectacular inner beauty that reaches outwardly in way of visual appearance. Leche is her call name which she has been given by her devoted guardian home. In Spanish Leche means "Milk," which aptly describes this silky, cool comfort of a girl!  We love her fun-loving personality and happy nature. She has great conformation and is put together well. 


Thank you to Van Isle Labradoodles for providing us the opportunity to enhance our program with such a stellar girl. 

We truly look forward to watching her clever ability and contentious attunement pass on through generations to come!


Cycled:  October  2021

Expected Birthday:  January 2022

Expected Going Home Date: March 2022

Litter Availability:  Full

Well Mannered and Keen!