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Chilliwack Labradoodles          Sir Rose Galahad!

Greatt IMG_6268_edited.png

Chilliwack Labradoodles Sir Rose Galahad

ALAA Registration Number 105379

WALA Registration Number 000068613

Date of Birth:  Aug 22, 2021

Colour: Red  with white flash

Size: Medium 

Weight:  36  lbs     

Height:   18.5 inches

Coat: Wavy, fleece coat

Health: Hips OFA good, CERF and elbows clear/normal, FF, clear for EIC, vWD, PRA, PRCD


Chilliwack Labradoodles Sir Rose Galahad is all that we had hoped for when we decided to retain a stud from our girl SunValley Roseabelle. The exceptionally well rounded Australian Labradoodle attributes Roseabelle possess, her playful calm demeanor, her loyal drive to please, right down to her exceptional conformation.  These regal attributes are now held and will be passed along for generations of Chilliwack Labradoodle families to experience first hand by our handsome Sir Rose Galahad. 

Sir Rose Galahad resides with his loving Guardian home who have given him his call name Obi. Obi is an integral and truly loyal member of the family. Obi wears a gorgeous red coat as soft as the robe of the finest of kings;)

We look forward to welcoming Sir Rose Galahad/Obi's first litter of puppies this coming fall!





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