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Chilliwack Labradoodles'
Roxy Roller

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Chilliwack Labradoodles Roxy Roller

ALAA Registration Number 113640

WALA Registration Number 00073255

Date of Birth:  October 31, 2021

Colour: Black Phanotm Tri

Size: Medium

Weight:  26  lbs     

Height:   17.5 inches

Coat: Fleece coat

Health: Hips OFA Good, CERF and elbows clear/normal, FF, carrier for EIC, clear for: vWD, PRA, PRCD

Upcoming Litter 

EstimatedCycled/Honeymoon:   Oct    2023

Estimated Birthdate:                      Dec    2023

Estimated Going Home:               Feb     2024

Litter Availability:  Available


We have high expectations for this upcoming litter! Roxy has a consistent well balanced temperament she has a strong inner confidence which allows her to easily adapt to any new situation. Whether she is strolling through the busy hustle and bustle of the mall or she is out walking at the lake Roxy is perfectly poised! Roxy will patiently wait at your side but once given the cue can easily slip into a playful frolic. Roxy aims to please!  

Roxy lives the big city life in her apartment with her loving and devoted guardian momma who tells us Roxy is a fast learner who is very good with her commands. Their building manager thinks Roxy is the smartest and best behaved dog in the building, (which says a lot because I am told there are A LOT of dogs in the building!) Her momma also goes on to tell us she is very independent and is very good when left on her own for a few hours.   

Roxy loves her toys and especially playing fetch. She loves to greet and meet people, rarely barks and is great with children. Roxy's and her mom frequent the local park near their home, approached by children wanting to pet her Roxy will go down on all fours, even without instruction.


Roxy's guardian momma absolutely adores her and proclaims she is the perfect fit! 

Knowing other families will be able to have the opportunity to experience these qualities in their puppy when bring home one of Roxy's exceptional puppies bring us great joy and the reason we are Chilliwack Labradoodles.  

Great big thank you to Roxy's guardian momma for providing Roxy with the positive reinforced training and varied socialization needed for her to develop her base temperament to perfection.



Joyful Play 


Soft Truffle Heart 

Expected Puppies!


Cycled:                                     Oct.      2023

Estimated Birthdate:              Dec.     2023

Expected Going Home:         Feb.       2024


Litter Availability:  Available

What We Might Expect from Roxy's Upcoming Litter!

We anticipate puppies wearing coats of chocolate or black phantom, solid coats or some with white flash. We may even see a parti patterned puppy born to this litter! 

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