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We believe that every family should have the amazing experience of adding a dog to their family, as well, we know wholeheartedly  how important it is for our dogs to belong to a "Forever Family!"

Our Guardian Program is one of the ways we can ensure both of these beliefs are met.



How Does It Work?


Chilliwack Labradoodles will place some of our breeding dogs in Guardian Homes. We will offer opportunities for people living within a two-hour radius of Chilliwack, BC an intact puppy that we select from one of our litters. The puppy placed in the Guardian Home will be with that family for the dog's life! The Guardian Home will be required to pay a Deposit for their puppy. (Your deposit will be returned to you in full once the dog is released from our breeding program.) When the dog is old enough, it will be part of our breeding program for a select number of litters.  This requires that the dog will spend some time with us in our home during the breeding process.  Once the dog has completed their breeding years, Chilliwack Labradoodles will cover the cost to have them spayed/neutered. They will live forever in your home, always remaining a part of your family. (In the event, we do not use the dog in our program for any reason, the guardian will have received a puppy at a substantially lower price.)




The cost of a Guardian Puppy is a deposit in the amount of $1,500.00.  This is substantially less than the purchase of a puppy.  During puppy-hood, we will begin formal health testing.  Chilliwack Labradoodle will pay for all Health Testing and any Medical Costs associated with breeding. Generally, a female will start their breeding career in their second season, a male may start anytime after ten months of age.  Once the dog retires from their breeding career, Chilliwack Labradoodles will make arrangements and cover the cost to have your dog spayed/neutered. Chilliwack Labradoodles will have all registration paperwork transferred into the guardian's name. We will return your $1,500.00 deposit in full, happy to have had the opportunity to work with you in developing our breeding program and to be able to match this amazing Australian Labradoodle to it's Forever Home. 


Our Guardian Home Families are responsible for the general routine veterinary care and health of the puppy/dog placed with them. This includes vaccinations, feeding high-quality dog food, grooming, flea/tick prevention, training, regular exercise, socialization and living in your home as part of your family, just as you would with any puppy/dog you would have purchased.


Any breeding related medical costs for the guardian dogs will be covered by Chilliwack Labradoodles.


Before entering into a Guardian Program arrangement, we sign a contract with you outlining all of the details and timelines, so everyone knows what to expect



What is Required?


These are the items required for any home to be considered for our Guardian Program. If you have any questions regarding our requirements please contact us. 


  • Guardian homes need to feed quality food approved by Chilliwack Labradoodles. It is important for dogs to eat nutritious food in order to stay healthy.

  •  Up to date grooming required

  • The dog must be kept on a leash or in an enclosed area at all times 

  • Puppy needs to be socialized

  • Dog's need to be trained and know basic commands 

  • All dogs must be indoor dogs

  • Appropriate veterinary and emergency care when required, including vaccinations, deworming etc.

  •  Veterinary care is to be discussed with and approved by the breeder, prior to any treatment taking place

  • The dog must not participate in extended strenuous running on concrete or any other hard surface before 18 months of age

  •  A female cannot be around intact males 

  • Guardians must not allow a male to breed ANY females, other than those chosen by the breeder at a time determined by the breeder

  • Guardian will be required to bring the dog to the breeder as needed for breeding, health testing, etc that may be deemed necessary by the breeder from time to time 

  • Guardians and Chilliwack Labradoodles will have open communication and be able to cooperate and coordinator during their relationship regarding testing, mating, whelping and other breeding related activities



Why Become a Guardian Home?


You will have the opportunity to add a new four-legged family member to your home at relatively no cost. The very best part is we will evaluate, test and hand-select the very finest quality Australian Labradoodle with just the right temperament, structure, and coats, specifically chosen for our breeding program. You will have "The Pick of the Litter" in your home forever.


If you think you would qualify and like to become one of our Guardian Homes, you can complete the form below and click submit! If you have any further question, always feel free to email us at or see our contact page for more options!

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