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Upcoming Puppy Litters!
Autumn /Winter 2023


The Missing Piece To Your Family Puzzle!

We are currently excepting applications for our 2023/2024  litters! 


If you are ready your next step will be completing a Puppy Application. In the comments section please indicate which litter you would like your reservation to be allocated. 

Not all litters are posted to our website. Litters expected throughout 2023/2024 will be posted to our website as our momma's move through their cycles. 


If you hope to receive a Chilliwack Labradoodle puppy in 2024 from a litter not yet posted to our website  complete your Puppy Application and ask to be placed on our General Waitlist.


We are also excepting applications for our  Guardian Program  learn more about the program! 

We invite you to follow our Facebook, Instagram page, and website to remain current on your litter and all things Chilliwack Labradoodle.

While we do our best to estimate our Litter arrivals, Mother Nature ultimately makes the final call on all things reproductive. Studs may change at the breeders discretion. 

You are one step closer to adding an exceptional fur companion in your family. Complete a Puppy Application and we will help you through the process.

We are thrilled at the prospect of pairing Chilliwack Labradoodles Pink Velvet with our fellow breeder and mentor's stud Bow Valley Buoy Us Up at Van Isle. You will also hear us reference these two by their given names Roo and Buoy.  Thank you to Van Isle Labradoodles for providing this opportunity to diversify our lines with similar quality multigenerational Australian Labradoodle lineage. 


Roo, is a clever and loving girl who is devoted to her family. She is an easygoing dog that can transition seamlessly between different activities, environments, and settings. She loves the beach, long walks, all types of travel and enjoys the outdoors. She is well mannered and behaved at the coffee patio of any bistro, but when the day is done, she loves nothing more than snuggling up to her family for a lazy evening.


We are told Buoy is inquisitive, loves living near the beach in Nanaimo with his guardians who often share stories of how he greets everyone in the elevator of his condo building as well as anyone he meets on his walks along the ocean.  He wags his entire body rather than just his tail. He also has a huge smile and little song whenever he greats you.


The balanced pairing between Roo and Buoy should surely produce puppies that will enjoy the outdoors while quickly adapting todays indoor lifestyle. 


We anticipate puppies wearing coats of chocolate or black phantom, caramel, red, solid coats or some with white flash. We may even see a parti patterned puppy born to this litter! 



pup avail and upcoingIMG_4461_edited.jpg

Cycled:                                     Oct.      2023

Expected Birthdate:               Dec.     2023

Expected Going Home:         Feb.       2024


Litter Availability:  Available
Accepting Guardian Applications

Roxy's previous litter of Australian Labrdoodle puppies exceeded our expectations in all terms of the breed standard. We are excited to announce that she has moved into her heat cycle and anticipate puppies at the end of December 2023.  


Roxy has a consistent well balanced temperament she has a strong inner confidence which allows her to easily adapt to any new situation. Whether she is strolling through the busy hussle and bustle of the mall or she is out walking at the lake Roxy is perfectly poised! Roxy will patiently wait at your side but once given the cue can easily slip into a playful frolic. Roxy aims to please! 


We are told Buoy is inquisitive, loves living near the beach in Nanaimo with his guardians who often share stories of how he greets everyone in the elevator of his condo building as well as anyone he meets on his walks along the ocean.  He wags his entire body rather than just his tail. He also has a huge smile and little song whenever he greats you.


We can expect to welcome puppies wearing predominatley phantom coats in black or possibly chocolate some may  have white marking. Puppies with gorgeous solid black or chocolate puppies, perhaps even parti patterned puppies! 


WEB IMG_6699_edited_edited.jpg

Litter Availability:  Available
Accepting Guardian Applications
Large-Miniature to Small-Medium

Cycled:                                           Oct.       2023

Expected Birthdate:                     Dec.       2024

Expected Going Home:              Feb.        2024

Excellent  litter announcemnet pagemoniii_edited.jpg

What do you get when you cross a miniature Australian Labradoodle momma who comes from deeply devoted comfort lines, with our miniature Australian Labradoodle papa who has produced some of the most easy to train and please puppies around? Our Puppy's of Royalty Litter!

Chilliwack Labradoodles Princess Ariel, aka Ruby is the daughter to our girl Mugi. We excitedly await the birth of Ruby's very first litter of puppies. While we are still working on her website page you can click on the button below to view her momma Mugi's website page. When they say "The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree," they surely had Ruby and Mugi in mind. They are both similar in stature, temperament and coat.


We estimate a litter with many possibilities in terms of colour and coat variety. We anticipate seeing any or all of the following colours; chocolate, red, caramel, black, cream, possibly a phantom coated puppy, perhaps even some white flash.



Litter Availability: Full

Date Of Birth:  July 17, 2023

Puppy Pick-Up Date:  September 10, 2023

View Ruby's mom Mugi.  Both Mugi and Ruby are very similar in looks an size!

The Van Isle Blanca Para Neive aka Leche, is an excellent choice for families looking for an intelligent, loyal, and loving companion. She is a well-rounded family dog with a pleasant and gentle temperament.  Her guardian family boast about her quick ability to learn and retain commands. She loves to hike, frolic in the snow and makes a terrific travel companion.  Her past two litters have produced exceptionally attuned, playful, quick to learn, and easy to redirect puppies.

Our boy Puppy Love Kuro's Black Tie Event aka Rex has proven to produce puppies with the same stellar conformation, good looks and soft playful mannerisms he is known and loved for. The eye contact shown by both Rex and his offspring prove invaluable when it comes to focused attention which is helpful during training. But be careful it is easy to give in to those Teddy Bear sweet eyes!!


To mark the upcoming autumn season we anticipate puppies ranging in coat colour and pattern varieties from caramel, and red coats to those with chocolate or black. We will likely see gorgeous sable coated puppies or a phantom coated puppy. Puppies may be solid, or with white flash. 

We have been planning this pairing since we added Rex to our program and will be thrilled to welcome their puppies into the world.  Their pups will make wonderful additions to any household.

IMGUSE  For Post 9260_edited_edited.png

Litter Availability:  Available
Large Miniature-Medium

Estimated Cycle:                     Oct.      2023

Estimated Birthdate:               Dec.     2023

Expected Going Home:         Feb.       2024

Chilliwack Labradoodles Red Holly aka Gisou is a playful and loving dog with a steady temperament. She is highly attuned to her environment and her family, making her a great companion for any household. Red Holly has an inner confidence that helps her transition easily to new people and situations, and she is sure to bring years of joy and companionship to her forever home. Her friendly, affectionate nature makes her a perfect fit for any family.


We are thrilled to be adding the fine therapy quality temperament of our boy Ivylane Mr. Moonlight into these lines. Winston is a confident boy who has produced exceptional puppies for us. This pairing will be well suited for all ages!  


We can expect to welcome puppies with coats of red and caramel, some with white flash and possibly a parti or phantom coated puppy as well!

We cannot wait to to meet the puppies these two create!

A great edited_edited_edited.jpg

Litter Availability:  Full
 Miniature-Small Medium

Cycled:                                    Sept.           2023

Estimated Birthdate:             Nov.           2023

Expected Going Home:        January      2024


 Chilliwack Labradoodles Will Release Our Complete 2023 Litter   


Line-Up As Our Upcoming Momma's Move Through Their Heat Cycles!

You can expect to see some of our stunning seasoned,  and up and coming Ladies in the months to come!

IMG_7628 A+web_edited_edited.jpg

Well Rounded In Every Way!

Ingenious, Devoted, and Fun!

Every bit the silkiest, softest Live Teddy Bear

Loyal, Athletic, Compasionate!

Playful and Loves People!

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