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Upcoming Puppy Litters!
Spring /Summer 2023


The Missing Piece To Your Family Puzzle!


We are currently excepting applications for our Spring/Summer 2023  litters!  If you are ready your next step will be completing a Puppy Application. In the comments section please indicate which litter you would like your reservation to be allocated. 

Not all litters are posted to our website. Litters expected throughout 2023 will be posted to our website as our momma's move through their cycles. 


If you hope to receive a Chilliwack Labradoodle puppy in 2023 from a litter not yet posted to our website  complete your Puppy Application and ask to be placed on our General Waitlist.


We are excepting applications for our General Waitlist. If you are hoping to receive a puppy within a specific time frame, have a specific coat colour or pattern you are interested in, or have a preferred Chilliwack Labradoodle momma in mind we have developed our General Waitlist. We have families such as yourselves asking if they can be placed on a waitlist and be notified as our Momma's cycle and her reservations open. These families want to be notified when we have more than anticipated puppies born to an earlier litter in hopes of receiving a puppy within an earlier timeframe. For these reasons we have created Our General Waitlist.


We also excepting applications for our  Guardian Program  learn more about the program! 

We invite you to follow our Facebook, Instagram page, and website to remain current on your litter and all things Chilliwack Labradoodle.

While we do our best to estimate our Litter arrivals, Mother Nature ultimately makes the final call on all things reproductive. Studs may change at the breeders discretion. 

There are two ways that you and your family can have the opportunity to invite one of our Chilliwack Labradoodles to live in your home is by purchasing a Family Companion, the other is by becoming part of our Guardian Program!

Regardless of whether you would like to be on our Reservation for an upcoming puppy to join your family or to join our Guardian Program, you will need to complete and submit an application. Once you have been approved your next step is to send us a Non-Refundable Reservation Fee of $500.00.  This Fee will be included in your total purchase price when your balance is due.  

Chilliwack Labradoodles Charlotte is one of our smallest girls however she embodies the exceptional  Australian Labradoodle traits we all love and desire in a huge way! Our boy Puppy Loves Coffee Crisp, aka Bailey has a luxuriously silky coat, a teddy bear personality, loves children and other dogs alike!

We expect this will be a litter of phantoms primarily chocolate, perhaps a couple of caramel coated puppies, we look forward to the possibility of seeing momma Charlotte's white flash  in some of the puppies coats or perhaps even a parti pattern.

This will be a miniature size litter at maturity with exceptional Labradoodle qualities through and through. 

Excellent  litter announcemnet pagemoniii_edited.jpg
 Litter Availability: Full                     
Miniature Size

Birthdate:                                     March  30   2023

Going Home:                               May      25  2023

 Chilliwack Labradoodles Shiloh

                                                 and Puppy Loves Coffee Crisp!                                               


Chilliwack Labradoodles Shiloh wears a beautiful milk chocolate, phantom coat and is one of our compassionate miniature Australian Labradoodles. Shiloh lives with her amazing Guardian Family and a therapy dog in training, with their Counselling Group Life-Link. Shiloh is playful, attuned and easily knows when she is needed to be calm and content to do so. We plan to pair Shiloh in a repeat breeding with our attentive guy Puppy Loves Coffee Crisp, aka Bailey. The puppies they produced in their last litter were exceptional. we look forward producing puppies with similar qualities from the inside out!  Perfect for all families.

We can expect to welcome puppies with both solid chocolate and  luxuriously silky Chocolate Phantom coats similar to both their momma and papa.  

Excellent  litter announcemnet pagemoniii_edited.jpg

Rosewood Harvey at Sun Valley Labradoodles

Litter Availability: Full
Large Miniature

Birthdate:                                     April 8     2023

Going Home:                               June  3    2023

Chilliwack Labradoodle's Sophie

and IvyLane Mr. Moonlight!

Winston and Sophie have both produced outstanding puppies in the past. We chose now, Sophie's retirement litter to pair them together and expect she will go out with a bang! Blessing each family on this litter with stellar dogs in all sense of the Labradoodle standards.


 Sophie is an absolute love with a balance of independence, playfulness, and loyalty. IvyLane Mr. Moonlight aka Winston is extremely intelligent, attuned, and devoted boy. We expect their puppies will have mirror their parents temperament with a love of long walks, a good hike or a most loyal companion when traveling or remaining stationary at home.  

We can expect to welcome vibrant colours ranging in possibility from lighter to deeper shades of caramel and chocolate, possibly black, some solid some with white flash. We look forward to the  likelihood of parti or phantom patterns in this litter as well!  

Litter Availability:  Full 
Medium Sophie

A great edited_edited_edited.jpg

Birthdate:                                     May  9     2023

Going Home:                               July  4     2023

Chilliwack Labradoodle's Roxy Roller

and Puppy Loves Coffee Crisp!

We have high expectations for this upcoming litter! Roxy has a consistent well balanced temperament she has a strong inner confidence which allows her to easily adapt to any new situation. Whether she is strolling through the busy hussle and bustle of the mall or she is out walking at the lake Roxy is perfectly poised! Roxy will patiently wait at your side but once given the cue can easily slip into a playful frolic. Roxy aims to please! 


We plan to pair Roxy with our stellar boy Bailey. Bailey has produced well mannered, playful puppies who wear his luxuriously silky coat. We cannot wait to welcome their puppies in the world!


We can expect to welcome warm coats of chocolate phantom and black phantom markings, we may also be presented with gorgeous solid black or chocolate puppies as well. 


WEB IMG_6699_edited_edited.jpg
Excellent  litter announcemnet pagemoniii_edited.jpg

Litter Availability:  Full
Large-Miniature to Small-Medium

Cycle/Honeymoon:                    March    2023

Expected Birthdate:                     May       2023

Expected Going Home:              July        2023

 Chilliwack Labradoodles Red Horizon and Chilliwack Labradoodles Sir Rose Galahad!

 The combination of both Chilliwack Labradoodles Red Horizon, aka Sienna and Chilliwack Labradoodles Sir Rose Galahad, aka Obi will surely produce exceptionally loving, devoted and attuned puppies. Both Sienna and Obi have and exceptionally stalky conformation exceeding Australian Labradoodle standards with loyal, tender hearts. This pairing will produce puppies great for any family. 


We estimate a litter similar in looks to both of their parents. Lovely caramels varying in lighter to deeper shades, reds also ranging in shades of apricot and cream, we will likely see white flash present itself in some of their coats. With the added possibility of a parti or phantom coated puppy!




Rosewood Harvey at Sun Valley Labradoodles

Copy of a IMGFor Web litter announcements_6353_edited.jpg

Rosewood Harvey at Sun Valley Labradoodles

Litter Availability:  Full
 Large-Miniature to Medium 

Cycle/Honeymoon:                    May       2023

Expected Birthdate:                     July       2023

Expected Going Home:              Sept       2023

Prince Charmining!

The complementary temperaments between Silver Espresso, aka Coco and our boy Puppy Loves Kuro's black Tie Event will surely build upon the exceptional breed standards we hold our Australian Labradoodles accountable to. Momma Coco comes from our exceptional miniature lines know for their lab like athleticism including a passion for swimming and ball. As well as their clever attunement allowing them to excel in training and therapy work. Rex, may resemble a big old grizzly bear but beyond that silky soft coat he has the the most tender heart.


The litter will produce puppies great for any family. Whether you are a larger active family with children or a retired couple who enjoys daily walks and cuddles. This pairing will produce adaptable and attuned puppies ready to please!


Add to this the wide range of coat colours and patterns we could potentially receive and we will truly be celebrating Canada's birth month in style!  We anticipate puppies ranging from predominantly chocolate and black coats, we will likely have puppies with caramel, and red coats. Puppies may be solid, with white flash, phantom or sable coats! 

IMGUSE  For Post 9260_edited_edited.png

Litter Availability:  Available
 Large Miniature-Medium

Estimated Cycle/Honeymoon:    May         2023

Estimated Birthdate:                      July          2023

Expected Going Home:                Sept          2023

pup date_edited.jpg
Excellent  litter announcemnet pagemoniii_edited.jpg

Litter Availability:  Available

Estimated Cycle/Honeymoon:    May         2023

Estimated Birthdate:                      July          2023

Expected Going Home:                Sept          2023

View Ruby's mom Mugi.  Both Mugi and Ruby are very similar in looks an size!

What do you get when you cross a miniature Australian Labradoodle momma who comes from deeply devoted comfort lines, with our miniature Australian Labradoodle papa who has produced some of the most easy to train and please puppies around? Our Puppy's of Royalty Litter!

Chilliwack Labradoodles Princess Ariel, aka Ruby is the daughter to our girl Mugi. We excitedly await the birth of Ruby's very first litter of puppies. While we are still working on her website page you can click on the button below to view her momma Mugi's website page. When they say "The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree," they surely had Ruby and Mugi in mind. They are both similar in stature, temperament and coat.


We estimate a litter with many possibilities in terms of colour and coat variety. We anticipate seeing any or all of the following colours; chocolate, red, caramel, black, cream, possibly a phantom coated puppy, perhaps even some white flash.



Chilliwack Labradoodles Strawberry Truffle is about as sweet and connected with people as a dog can get! Strawberry Truffle has a call name of Willow, she is both clever and charming and has her devoted Guardian momma wrapped around her paw. Willow loves to socialize with people, other dogs and is great with children. She is a tiny bit of a girl with a huge heart. They say good things come to those who wait...well Willow has kept us waiting, we will anxiously continue to wait for her to honeymoon this spring and cannot wait to meet her puppies. The sire to this litter will be none other than our stellar boy Bailey. Bailey has a playful nurturing nature that will complement that of Willow's, producing puppies with both their great looks and terrific temperaments. 

We anticipate puppies wearing coats of chocolate phantom and perhaps solid chocolate or a caramel coloured puppy. We will likely see some of these coats presented with white flash. 

__ WEB New Littervrrry nice.JPG

Litter Availability:  Available

Excellent  litter announcemnet pagemoniii_edited.jpg

Estimated Cycle/Honeymoon:    May         2023

Estimated Birthdate:                      July          2023

Expected Going Home:                Sept          2023

 Chilliwack Labradoodles Will Release Our Complete 2023 Litter   


Line-Up As Our Upcoming Momma's Move Through Their Heat Cycles!

You can expect to see some of our stunning seasoned,  and up and coming Ladies in the months to come!

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Hover over Roseabelle picture to see her as a Puppy!


Well Rounded In Every Way!

Ingenious, Devoted, and Fun!

Every bit the silkiest, softest Live Teddy Bear

Loyal, Athletic, Compasionate!

Playful and Loves People!