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Upcoming Puppy Litters!
Summer/Winter 2024


The Missing Piece To Your Family Puzzle!

We are currently accepting applications for our 2024 litters! 


If you are ready your next step will be completing a Puppy Application. In the comments section please indicate which litter you would like your reservation to be allocated. 


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Sire:  Bailey

Date Of Birth:                            April 26, 2024

Puppy Take Home Date:         June 21, 2024        

Good for Pupp Announce pageIMG_5725 - Copy_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dam: Willow 

Current Litter:  One Reservation Available

Size Miniature

Willow has given birth to three gorgeous female Australian Labradoodle puppies. All three wear silky chocolate phantom coats one solid two with white flash.

tiggerific IMG_9834EDITED_edited_edited.png

Sire:  Bailey

Date Of Birth:                            Sept.  2024

Puppy Take Home Date:         Nov.   2024        

Good for Pupp Announce pageIMG_5725 - Copy_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dam: Bailey

Litter Availability:  Sold Out

Size Miniature

Litter Colours:  We estimate this litter will be a rainbow litter! It could potentially produce puppies wearing coats in various shades of red, cream, apricot, caramel, chocolate, and black, with possible patterns of sable, phantom, or even parti! Some of these puppies will be solid, some with white flash.


Sire:  Rex

Date Of Birth:                            Nov. 2024

Puppy Take Home Date:          Jan. 2025       

IMGUSE  For Post 9260_edited_edited.png

Dam: Leche

Litter Availability:  Available

Size:  Large Miniature-Medium

Coat Colours:  We anticipate puppies ranging in coat colour and pattern varieties from caramel, and red coats to those with chocolate or black. We will likely see gorgeous sable-coated puppies or a phantom-coated puppy. Puppies may be solid, or with white flash. 

USE Main Pupp Avail page of IMG_9226_edited_edited.jpg

We are currently in the process of carefully selecting the ideal sire for this litter.

Date Of Birth:                            Nov. 2024

Puppy Take Home Date:          Jan. 2025       


Dam: Sienna

Litter Availability:  Available

Size:  Large Miniature-Medium

Estimated Colours:  Red, Caramel, Chocolate, Black, solid or with white flash.


Sire:  Rollo

Date Of Birth:                            Jan. 2025

Puppy Take Home Date:         March 2025      

Screenshot 2023-09-20 185458_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dam: Tessa

Litter Availability:  Available

Size:  Medium

Estimated Colours: We estimate a litter similar in looks to both of their parents. Lovely caramels varying in lighter to deeper shades, reds also ranging in shades of apricot and cream, we will likely see white flash present itself in some of their coats. With the added possibility of a parti or phantom coated puppy!

 Chilliwack Labradoodles Will Update Our Complete 2024 Litter   


Line-Up As Our Upcoming Momma's Move Through Their Heat Cycles!

You can expect to see some of our stunning, seasoned, and up-and-coming Ladies in the months to come!

Puppy Available pageWEB IMG_6699_edited_edited.webp

Well Rounded In Every Way!

Ingenious, Devoted, and Fun!

Every bit the silkiest, softest Live Teddy Bear

Loyal, Athletic, Compasionate!

Playful and Loves People!

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