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Chocolate Truffles

Welcome to Chilliwack Labradoodles, where sweetness and connection meet in the form of our delightful puppies. Meet Strawberry Truffle, affectionately known as Willow, a charming and clever girl who has already captured the hearts of her devoted Guardian momma. Willow thrives on socializing with people, furry friends, and especially adores children. Despite her petite size, Willow's heart is as big as they come. And the wait for her puppies is finally over!

Willow's litter of three precious female puppies graced us with their presence on Friday, April 26, 2024.

Joining Willow in this exciting journey is none other than our stellar boy, Bailey. With his playful and nurturing nature, Bailey is the perfect complement to Willow, ensuring that their offspring inherit not only their striking looks but also their wonderful temperaments.

Don't be fooled by their size; these miniature Australian Labradoodles are have a zest for life. With a lineage known for their love of ball games, water sports, and unmatched hiking abilities, these puppies are sure to keep up with even the most adventurous family outings.

True to their Australian Labradoodle heritage, these puppies are incredibly adaptable. Whether it's lounging in an office setting or snuggled up at your feet at home, they'll seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle and bring joy wherever they go.

If you're looking for the perfect addition to your family, look no further. Puppies from this exceptional litter are well-suited for any family dynamic or environment, bringing love, laughter, and endless joy into your home.

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Litter Availability:  Available       

 Size: Miniature 

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Birthdate:                                        April 26, 2024

Expected Going Home:                June 21,  2024 

Colours:  Chocolate Phantom, two with white flash

About The Litter

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