Puppy Pick-Up Process and What to Expect Each Week!


The Missing Piece To Your Family Puzzle!

Process For The Upcoming Weeks!


We wanted to make all of our Families aware of what to expect in the weeks to come. From the time your precious puppy is born until pick-up day!   At Chilliwack Labradoodles, one of our favorite days is Puppy Pick-Up Day. We fall in love with our puppies and truly want only the best for each one of them. On Pick-Up Day we know the puppy is ready to move on to the next chapter in their lives and are privileged to witness the joy and excitement of this union. Normally we enjoy inviting our families into our home re-introducing the puppies to them and going over the Puppy Folder and any questions you may have.  With the uncertainties of COVID-19, we have had to adapt some of the processes including our Puppy Pick-Up Day protocol to ensure the health and safety of our puppies, dogs, and families.

Birth Announcement:  Exciting Picture of Your Litter! The first payment of $1,430.00 is due. 

Week 1: Please follow our Facebook and Instagram Page as we randomly post puppy information and pictures


Week 2 Pup Date:  Regular Pup Date

Week 3 P: Please follow our Facebook and Instagram Page as we randomly post puppy information and pictures

Week 4 Pup Date: Each of our families will receive a Questionaire via email with your Pup Date. It is important that you complete the questionnaire as thoroughly as possible and return it to us.  This questionnaire will be an important piece to our Puppy Assignment process.


Week 5: Please follow our Facebook and Instagram Page as we randomly post puppy information and pictures

Week 6 Pup Date:  Your final payment of $1,430.00 is due 

Week 7 Pup Date:  You can expect to receive this Pup Date midway through week  7.

Each family will receive their Puppy Pick-up time. 

The "Big Reveal," this Pup-Date is a most anticipated one as each family will find out which puppy will be their forever fur baby! 

Week 8:  Expect an email with your Puppy Contract and Health Warranty. We will have you read through your contracts, email us with any questions you may have, sign, scan, and return the contracts via email.

Please follow our Facebook and Instagram Page as we randomly post puppy information and pictures

Week 9 Pup-Date: We will provide you with our address and cellular phone number. Both of which you will need on Puppy Pick-Up Day!

You can expect a video reviewing what is included in your Puppies Personal Folder. 

Week 9 - Week 10: Puppy Pick-Up Day!

Process To Follow On Puppy Pick-Up Day

The highlight of this process is your Puppy Pick-Up Day. 

Pick-up day is a very busy day for your puppies.

They start off their morning with breakfast and outdoor playtime. 

The puppy will have had lunch prior to your arrival.

Your puppy will be bathed as usual and handled with gloved hands afterward.   





Your puppy will be placed in a sterile x-pen area until it is time for her scheduled pick-up. 

When you are approximately 15 minutes away from our residence we ask that you text us your full name and the ribbon colour of your puppy. 

Each of your puppies will have had their microchip implanted in the back of their neck. We have our own microchip scanner and rest assured we will have scanned each puppy prior to their departure. 

Your puppy will be placed in a sterilized enclosure either a crate or x-pen safely on our front lawn.

Upon arrival please park in our driveway. 









In front of the enclosure, you will find a sealed bag containing your Puppy's Personal Folder and hand made no-sew blankets with Momma Clover's scent. This bag will have been sealed shut for a minimum of one week. 

We will be standing an appropriate "social distance" away during this entire process. 

We will introduce ourselves and you are free to pick-up your puppy and its bag.

During puppy pick-up, we always like to take a photo of our fur-babies with their new families. If you could kindly gather just outside your vehicle for a quick photo with your puppy we would appreciate it. 











Each family will have their own pick-up time. It is important that we all try to be as punctual as possible, not arriving earlier than your scheduled pick-up time. This will help ensure no unnecessary social contact.

The above is a quick overview of what you can expect in the weeks ahead. Of course, we will continue to provide you with information relevant to bringing your puppy home.




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