Good Evening Chilliwack Labradoodle Families! 

This our three-week Pup Date on the puppies from The Birthday Party Litter!

This week we would like to ask if you have given thought about getting your house ready for your puppy? Things to think about.....

-Which door will your puppy go in and out of at your house to go to the bathroom?

It is really important when you are doing house training or any sort of training to have consistency.  So you will want to pick the door that is most convenient to you and that goes directly to your "potty area." 


Puppies have a really short attention span so you want to make sure that the door is easily accessible and the potty area is right outside the door. If you are involving your children in potty training you will want to make sure the door is easy to open for them. 

Have you thought about a designated area to house your puppy chew toys, or leash and collars?

This is especially important when you have more than one member in your home.  We have our harnesses and leashes hanging on 3M hooks directly beside the door to where we take our dogs potty. This works great for us.

-Next, have you decided where your puppy will eat?

As I said puppies do have short attention spans so choosing a place to eat that is a bit out of the way so the puppy can concentrate on eating is important. Labradoodles are notorious for having a lack of food drive, fewer distractions should help with that.

-Where is your puppy going to sleep?

We highly recommend your puppy sleep in your bedroom with you in a crate for at least the first few weeks.  When we sleep we elicit pheromones and dogs absorb those pheromones just by being in the same room as us.  Those pheromones help to build the bond between you and your dog.  It helps them become a member of your "pack."  During the first couple of nights, your puppy may want to get up during the night to go to the bathroom.  You will need to be close by to hear that signal and you want to give your puppy comfort it is important they know that you are right there when they first move to your house. It is fine if your puppy sleeps with your children, as long as your children are prepared to take the puppy out at three or four in the morning for a potty break.

-Another thing you will want to consider is will there be "Dog Free," zones in your home?

In our home we have some dog-free zones, our children's playroom is one area. Our kiddos have lego and all sorts of little bits and toys hiding in the playroom so we all just make sure to shut the door to that room and teach our dogs early on to stay outside the room. 


If your children are like ours and not always inclined to pick up after themselves and they have an expensive tablet or perhaps an Xbox, rooms that have an abundance of electronic devices, electrical cords, etc. may also be rooms you decide are dog free. If you haven't already designated which rooms are for these devices and "puppy free," then now might be the time to give this some thought. If the room does not have a secure door then a baby gate is your next option.


Start working with your children and yourselves now ask the question is everything "Safe" for the puppy? This includes picking up your remote control and your cell phones figure out where you can put those items out of puppies reach and not likely to be destroyed. When you bring your puppy home he/she will be teething and they do not discriminate as to what goes into their mouths!

If you have an area you would like to block off but do not have a door. We recommend an Xpen, an Xpen is a wire gate enclosure it can go straight or circular. They are invaluable because you can contain your dog anywhere or you can use them to block off a certain area.  Baby gates are great to have on hand as well. Dogs should not go up and down stair for the first 6 months they should be carried and not have access to stairs.  That is to protect their hips and their developing joints. Baby gates also keep dogs out of areas but they can still see you.

-As a family, you will want to sit down and figure out what are you going to have in place for rules for your dog?

Is your dog going to be allowed on the furniture or not?  Will he/she be allowed on the bed?  If you are not sure at this point I would start with not allowing them as opposed to allowing this to happen.  Habits are hard to break so teaching them good habits from the start will set you and your puppy up for great success.

This third week our puppies have had a few milestones, they are up on all fours walking confident yet a bit wobbly, some of them can hear and they are starting to play with each other.

Let's take a look at how each of our medium Australian Labradoodles are doing this week.

I will go through each puppy in the order of birth.

1.) Our firstborn puppy is our Pink Ribbon Girl.  She has a red coat colour








2.) Our next born is Red Ribbon boy. He has a decadent red colour

















3.) Blue Ribbon Boy is our number three born who has a beautiful chocolate coat.







4.) Our Green Ribbon boy was born fourth in the litter. Green Ribbon has the same beautiful chocolate coat as his brother. 











5.) Our number five girl has a Purple Ribbon. Her coat flaunts the apricot/reds coats her siblings wear.




6.)Yellow Ribbon girl was born sixth and wears a regal sheen black coat.







7.) Number seven born is our Black Ribbon boy. Black Ribbon has a beautiful golden/apricot coat. 





















8.) Grey Ribbon boy has that appealing majestic black coat that his brother wears.






















We look forward to meeting all of our families from The Birthday Party Saturday, January 18th, 2020 At 2:00 pm!

Please do remember to follow our Puppy Safety Protocol for your visit!


We hope you enjoy the puppy video below.


Of course, if you have any questions you can email us at

Chilliwacklabradoodle.com and we will be happy to answer them for you.




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