Good Afternoon Chilliwack Labradoodle Families!

This is your three-week Pup Date for The Phantom Of Our Opera Litter!

For today's Pup Date I would like to speak to you a bit about why a dog's crate and bed are important. 

Naptime is so important for puppies. Without quality sleep, just like ourselves your puppy cannot learn as well and will not perform up to their usual standards. Whether we are talking about their crate or bed you want them to feel safe and comfortable so that they receive the best quality sleep they can have.  Puppies need time to decompress especially during the first 16 months of life as they are experiencing and learning everything for the first time, this can be very exhausting for these little fur babies.  It is very important to give them time and a soft, safe, and secure place to sleep. A place no one will disrupt them.  In order to achieve this choose a smaller crate, with a nice soft crate mat preferably with a ledge for them to rest their heads. 

For the children in our families, this is the most exciting time and they love to be with their new best friend whenever they get a notion to.  They love to rush up and cuddle with their puppy/dog, pick them up while they are sleeping, and quite often be with them every chance they can get. This is the deep bond we like to see our children have with our dogs. This is an opportunity to teach our children about understanding and the responsibility they have for their puppy's needs. While your puppy needs to know that their crate is a safe place and know nobody can get at them and they don't get out of on there own, our children need to understand this as well.  Our children need to understand when the puppy/dog is in its crate they are not to be disturbed.  Your puppy/dog will need a quiet place to have their alone time from the children.  Once the puppy is well-rested he will return to his/her usual self, be refreshed, and ready to start the next adventure. A good equation to follow when you bring your puppy home is an hour out of the crate should equal the next hour in for nap time. 

When choosing a crate pick one that is not too large. Dogs instinctively never sleep where they go to the bathroom. If your crate is too large he will have room to go to the bathroom in a corner. To start we suggest a plastic crate. This will give your puppy the secure feeling of being in a den.  A good size plastic starter crate for your puppy would measure approximately 28"L X 20"W X 21"H As your puppy grows into a full-grown dog he will probably prefer a metal or wire crate. These crates are cooler, especially in the summer months. The measurements of our medium size Labradoodles wire crates are 35"L X 22"W X 24"H.  Chilliwack Labradoodles will have already begun to train your dog with the crate, your dog will be familiar with her crate and see it as a safe place, "their den." Using a sheet to cover a crate is sometimes very helpful for a puppy that has a hard time settling down and shutting out distractions. Often puppies and dogs also like the idea that no one can see in, this can be comforting to them.

Guideline for how long a puppy can be in a crate for a single period of time?

It is said that the equation for this is one hour for each month the puppy is old. For the first three months, I would say that is a bit excessive. When you bring your puppy home I would suggest one-hour intervals in the crate would be more the norm. Except of course when your puppy is sleeping, if they fall asleep in the crate and are sleeping for hours that is perfectly ok let them sleep. If you have to run out every now and again once in a while, three hour intervals would be perfectly fine for a three-month-old puppy. As discussed we want your puppies crate to be a place they want to be, whenever you put them in the crate get in a good habit of putting their favorite bone or a stuffed Kong into the crate. They will be content to be in their crate and able to exercise their brain as well as help with their teething. 

As I said we will have started your puppy on basic crate training so when your puppy comes home she can usually sleep in her crate for up to six hours during the evening. Now because your puppy will be transitioning to your home, all of his/her routines and familiar sights, sounds, smells not to mention Momma and Litter Mates are gone your puppy may regress a bit in all or any areas and you will need to work up to the six hours of sleep. 

This third week our puppies have had a few milestones, you will notice from their pictures that they all have their eyes open, they are up on all fours walking confident yet a bit wobbly, they recognize us, humans, when we walk into the room, they have discovered their own voices and they are starting to play with each other! This has been a busy week for our puppies!

Let's take a look at how each of our Australian Labradoodles is doing this week.

I will go through each puppy in the order of birth

1.) Black Ribbon gone but not forgotten.






                                                   This little one will forever be in our hearts!

2.) Our next born is Blue Ribbon boy. He wears a majestic black coat with slight Phantom markings.  His markings outline his eyes in the most appealing way.  


Blue Ribbon boy was born weighing in at 7.3 ounces                                                                                     













3.) Purple Ribbon girl is our number three born, her coat is the fabulous chocolate phantom pattern with a shadow of white flash on her chin. 


Purple Ribbon was born weighing in at  7.6 ounces                                                                                     




















4.) Our Red Ribbon girl was born fourth in the litter. Red Ribbon was born with a small tear in her upper left eyelid, with her eyes now open she has had her follow up visit with our veterinarian who has prescribed her an antibiotic ointment. This little girl is the true definition of resilience, I am quite pleased with how well her eye has healed. Cross our fingers that her next follow-up with the veterinarian will determine it is completely healed! This week she has learned to quickly get up on all four legs and outrun her siblings. She has decadent chocolate, silky soft coat with a tiny white flash on her chest. 


Red Ribbon girl was born weighing in at 4.9 ounces                                                                              














5.) Our number five girl is Ms. Pink Ribbon. She also has a gorgeous chocolate phantom coat, with just a hint of white flash on her chin, top of her chest and tips of her back toes.


Pink Ribbon girl was born weighing 8.7 ounces                                                                                          









6.) Orange Ribbon boy was born sixth and wears a distinct black phantom coat, with white flash on his chin, neck and disappears into the top of his chest. 


Orange Ribbon boy was born with a weight of 5.5 ounces                                                                          















7.) Number seven born is our Green Ribbon boy. Green Ribbon sports a fun chocolate parti coat. This week Mr. Green Ribbon has taken over the spot for first place in terms of weight!


Green Ribbon boy was born with a weight of 8.1 ounces                                                                               

























As always if you have any questions you can email us at chilliwacklabradoodle.com and we will be happy to answer them for you.


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