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Good Evening Chilliwack Labradoodle Families. This is our six-week Pup Date for the puppies from our Baileys 'N' Cream Litter.

In the last Pup Date, we provided information around Exercise, Puppy Food/Eating Routine, and Alone Time For Your Puppy. We enjoy reading over the returned Chilliwack Labradoodle Family Questionnaire and look forward to receiving those remaining.

In this week's Pup Date we would like to go over basic Grooming including Ear Care. As well if you haven't already done so we would like to encourage you to learn more about The BAXTER and Bella online dog training program. At Chilliwack Labradoodles, we believe two of the most important things you can provide for your puppy are training and socialization! These two things will help to ensure your puppy will perform the wanted behaviors we all strive for in our dogs as well as create positive, strong bonds between family members and fur-babies. To learn more simply click on the link I have provided to the BAXTER and Bella page of our website!

Last but certainly not least this week we will talk a bit about Potty Training!​


Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for  "THE BIG REVEAL" Which puppy will be your forever fur baby!


Labradoodles need to be groomed typically every 4-6 weeks. 

Depending on how short or long you prefer their coat and how much maintenance bushing you do between grooms.

For maintenance between grooms we suggest:

Either spend 10 minutes each day brushing your dog. Alternating between areas of your dog's body.

Or setting aside time once per week and giving your dog a full body brush. 

Check with your groomer as to what services they will provide while your dog is with them. Typically a full groom entails bath, blow dry, hair, and nail clipping. Ask if they clean inside your dog's ears? Labradoodles have floppy ears and they tend to be quite hairy inside. We never pluck their inner ear hair as the hair is there for a reason; it is to help wick moisture away. Also plucking their ears opens up the pore making it more susceptible to infection. Trimming of the inner ear is acceptable, never plucking. 

The length and style you choose to keep your doodle are entirely up to you. We prefer our dogs to have about a two-inch hair length. We send all of our puppies home with their own personal folder, one of the items in your puppies folder will be a Labradoodle Grooming Card.  You can bring this card to your groomer as an example of what an Australian Labradoodle Groom looks like. We suggest finding pictures of your favorite doodle groom and bringing them with you to your appointment.  

Ear Care for Labradoodles


Floppy ear dogs such as the Australian Labradoodles can be susceptible to ear infections. Since their ears are floppy they can retain moisture which may cause infection. In order to prevent ear infections try to keep your dog's ears dry. ​

How will you know if your dog has an ear infection? 

-Constant scratching at the ears or chin, especially if they are scratching on one side.

-While you are brushing your dog's ear if they cry, they likely have an ear infection.

-If you smell your dog's ear and it smells foul or yeasty, or if your dog's ear is hot to the touch chances are your dog has an ear infection. 

If you suspect an ear infection you will want to take your dog to the vet. 


A nice pink clean ear indicates a healthy one. 

There are two routes to go to treat this infection the most common course will be for your vet to prescribe an antibiotic drop, usually Surolan. Dogs can become resistant to Surolan.


If our dog ends up with future ear infections another option we choose to use is a 100% natural product Zymox. It is also available from Amazon. We use this every day for one week. It breaks everything up incredibly well. 

The best course of action to prevent ear infections is to ensure their ears are dry after grooming, bathing, and water sports. If you are taking your dog swimming and boating drying their ears will be something you want to stay on top of. 

If you are interested here are the links to the ear products we use on our own dogs.

Alternate ear infection treatment we use:  Zymox

Please note if you are a Chilliwack Labradoodles Guardian Home we require collaborative care for all of our puppies and dogs alike. Any decisions made with regard to treatment must be one we have discussed and agreed upon including ear care. 



What is the best way to toilet train my puppy?

At Chilliwack Labradoodles, we find Crate training is a very successful way to train your puppy.  Puppies do not like to eliminate in their beds.  

Your puppy will need to sleep where you can hear it. If your puppy begins to whine in his crate or make noises immediately get up, leash your puppy while she is still in the crate, pick your puppy up out of the crate and pack it outside to your "potty place." (Try to avoid taking your puppy out of the crate while it is pawing at the crate, the second he/she is not pawing quickly open the crate and say "let's go potty." If you are continually retrieving your puppy exactly when they whine or paw crate they will get the message that, "ahhh, if I do this my owner will let me out." They will think you want them to do that behavior.)  You will find having a consistent and familiar word that everyone in the household uses to key the puppy to potty is very important. For example, our word is "Go Potty." Your puppy/dog will want to sniff around that is ok for a bit. We do not walk around we stand still let the puppy roam as far as the leash allows, only in the area we have designated for potty. We say "go potty!" The second the puppy goes potty, in our happy voice, smiley face, we say good potty!! We reward her with a small liver treat or whatever treat you choose. Puppies recognize by your facial expressions and tone of voice if we are happy with what they are doing and will more likely continue that behavior. The treat reinforces to them that "ahh that is what "go potty," means! If your puppy continues to sniff around let her for a few more minutes just in case they have more business to do. Do not let them take too long as we want them to understand this is "potty time" not playtime. If this is indeed the middle of the night pack her back to the crate and tuck her in.  Every time they potty give them a treat and be very excited and happy for them! Australian Labradoodles are very intelligent and this will speed potty training or any training up, it is a way of positively reinforcing the good behavior that you want from them.

Throughout the day use the same method as described above when having to take your puppy out to go potty.  First thing in the morning will be her first potty break.  Each time whether it is night or day and your puppy is coming out of her crate she will need to be taken potty. After each meal and each drink of water, your puppy will need to be taken potty.  After your puppy has eaten a meal wait for about 10 minutes and you take it out for potty.  If she doesn't eliminate, take your puppy in and put her in her crate. (Remember crate time is a positive time, have a bone or special toy for her in there.) Wait for 10-20 minutes, take the puppy out potty again. If your puppy eliminates this time praise and rewards her. If she does not eliminate bring her back into the crate, keep repeating until she eliminates.  The more consistent you are with this in the early weeks will instill to the puppy that this is how potty time works and they will learn quickly what is expected of them.  The more often your puppy potties in the house the harder it will be to break that behavior. Every puppy has learned behaviors whether they are wanted or unwanted behaviors that is why we need to consistently promote good behaviors for both the puppy and ourselves long-term relationship and success. 

A tool that can train your puppy to let you know when he/she needs to potty is to place a bell on your door and each time you take him/her to potty ring it-eventually they will catch on and begin to ring the bell when they need to be let out. 

You will get to know your puppy and will soon be increasing these times to longer periods.  It will not take long for your puppy to know which door they need to wait to go potty. Or which area of the yard is their potty spot. Your consistency and patience in the short term will pay off for many years to come!

The puppies are loving their kibble mush and getting much better at eating more than they wear! This week we have been working with the puppies on socialization/desensitization. The puppies continue to play with their Sensory Gymnasium they enjoy it so much we have put a mini one into their nursery! Not only is this gymnasium fun but it helps the puppies become desensitized to different noises, textures, shapes, sizes, and colours. It helps them to learn how to navigate obstacles, gain confidence in our world, and become resilient.   The puppies love their outdoor time and are constantly exploring and learning! We continue to spend one-to-one time with each puppy, exposing them to different surfaces, textures, and sounds. We are taking notes on their reactions to every new experience while they are with their Momma and Littermates or out on their own.

This week we have also increased their nursery size and taken most of the puppy pads out of their nursery leaving them with exposed flooring which is one more step in the potty training process. More often than not they will migrate over to where the puppy pads are to do their business, this is progress!

Let's take a look at how each of the Australian Labradoodles is doing this week.

As always I will go through each puppy in the order of birth.

Pink Cocoa Girl is our first born at 7:28 am. She was born weighing 327 grams today she weighs a healthy 2.51 kg. Pink wears a chocolate phantom coat.

Diane you were hoping to add a calm life companion to your heart and home. One who would be at your side meeting up with friends, going for walks and explore the yard while you garden. Diane, Pink Cocoa is the perfect girl for you. Pink is a very clever, thoughtful girl she sits back to access a situation before rushing into them.  Allowing her the time to move forward at her own pace will build trust and relationship like none you have experience before. She is a people person through and through!

I am glad to hear you are a member of Bella and Baxter and have already enrolled in Ocean Park Dog training. 

Pink will welcome her Labradoodle cousin for playdates just as I am sure you will welcome your brother's advice and support.  


May each day with Pink fill your heart with love. Congratulations Dianne. 


Smooth Orange Boy, born at 7:45 am He weighed 291 grams, today he weighs a healthy 2.51 kg. Orange wears a chocolate phantom coat with white a white diamond flash on his chest.

Kelsey and Mitchell,  Chilliwack Labradoodles would like to introduce you to the newest member of your family Smooth Orange Boy.  Orange is a good-natured, friendly boy. He certainly enjoys the outdoors and has just what it take to keep up with your fun lifestyle. Mr. Orange will relish in his explorations on the mountain side, his first camping trip, but most of all Netflix and belly rubs with the people he adores. 

I am glad to hear that you are preparing for your puppy through the help of Baxter and Bella. This will be an easily accessible training solution for you throughout Orange's life.  Orange is a clever boy who will learn quickly, enrolling him to in-person puppy training will prove to be invaluable.  The the communication between both Orange and yourselves during in person puppy training will build trust and a foundation for wanted behaviors.  The consistent, positive reinforced training put in over this first year will help ensure a smooth transition when adding future children to your family. 

Congratulations Kelsey and Mitchell Mr. Orange will bring entertainment to each of your days and push you just a little harder on an evening walk or hike!



Red Creamy Cocktail Girl, was born at 8:00 am. She weighed in at 231 grams today she weighs a healthy 1.75 kg.  Red wears a well marked phantom coat.  


Red is a friendly, self assured girl who loves spending time with the other dogs, but has a desire to please her humans first. Although she is the smallest in her litter Red has a fun curiosity. She is not afraid to be the first at exploring new things but does so with thoughtful mannerisms. Red is an intelligent girl who will learn quickly, she will be thrilled at the prospect of going out on a daily walk, visiting the beach or exploring the great outdoors during her first camping trip.


While she does enjoy human connection she can easily entertain herself and adapts well to any environment. 


Sai family, prepare to have your hearts stolen by your newest family member!  Samantha if ever you return home and cannot find dear Red, I am sure you will need not look further than her upstairs grand-Paw-rents, Thelma and Tunaye! 


Baileys Green Mint Martini Boy, he was born at 8:10 am. Green's birth weight is 292  grams today he is a healthy 2.54 kg. He a wears a chocolate phantom coat.

Baileys Green Mint Martini is a confident playful boy ready to keep up with with a busy family of four.  Green enjoys people, other dogs and adventures. He will be delighted to visit your nearby parks, a walk around the cul-de-sac or sprawl across your lap during movie night. Oppal Family please get ready to welcome your newest family member Mr. Green.

Green has great eye contact, is a very clever boy who will excel with puppy training classes. Seeking the professional advice in one-to-one training is something we highly recommend for all dog owners and puppies. Training helps both human and fur begin to understand each other and develop a common language. Consistent positive reward based training will help Green develop wanted behaviors for many years to come. 

Nick and Saje when you arrive home after a long day at school Green will be the first to greet you and the one you snuggle into to receive a lifetime of unconditional love! Congratulations Oppal Family.

Pup DateIMG_7587_edited.jpg

Peach Kahlua Girl, she was born at 10:13 am. Peach's birth weight is 277  grams today she is a healthy 1.95 kg. She a wears a chocolate phantom coat.

Pat you were looking for a fur baby to be your new life companion. A calm, loving and quiet dog to live out your days of retirement. Peach is an attentive girl who gives pause before reacting in situations, she is loving an loyal. Teaching her to play ball will not only be fun but a great way for her to expend some puppy energy while you can continue to enjoy your patio chair! Peach will be thrilled to visit Birch Bay with you this year, she will encourage you to take daily walks and if you are not careful take up most of the bed during cuddle time.

Congratulations Pat, may each day with Peach bring you more joy than the next.



Purple Mudside Girl, she was born at 11:05 am. Purple's birth weight is 308 grams today she is a healthy2.23 kg. She a wears a chocolate phantom coat with a tiny spot of white on her chest.


Purple Mudslide Girl is a an attentive girl, with a great balance of play and calm. She enjoys both human and canine connection. She loves running around with her littermates, she is playful, the sort of girl that will walk away if one of her littermates is determined to push an issue. This will make for a nice transition into a home with an existing dog. Marfori family we are pleased that you had reached out to us hoping to add yet another Chilliwack Labradoodle fur baby to your family, we think Purple Mudslide will be just the right fit for everyone especially Belle. 

Miguel and Maleah get ready to have double the snuggles and love because Purple will be thrilled to provide this in endless abundance! If purple is anything like her momma she will love your family trips to the beach, accompanying you on a walk or learning new tricks in the backyard.

Congratulations Marfori family, may your second Chilliwack Labradoodle bring you double the entertainment and love for years to come. 

Pup dateIMG_7546_edited.png


Yellow Butter Bailey, Girl, she was born at 11:56 am. Yellow's birth weight is 268 grams today she is a healthy 2.21 kg. She a wears a chocolate phantom coat with a diamond spot of white on her chest.


Howden-Duke family you were hoping to get a dog for amongst other things companionship and fun, let me introduce you to Yellow Butter Bailey this little bit of fun bounds as she moves. While it may take her a minute to warm up to new situations once she is ready she is happy to dive in. While she enjoys the company of humans and other animals she is completely content to entertain herself. 

Fair warning Yellow comes from lines that tend to enjoy swimming, so while you are out on the boat do not be surprised if she decides to jump in for a swim. She will be the first at the door ready for a daily walk, enjoy family hikes and roll over for a belly rub any chance she can get. 

I understand the plan would be for Yellow to sleep in Jackson's bedroom. Bringing a puppy home is similar to that of brining a baby home, you can expect she will not be too happy in her crate for the first nights at home. Leaving her in until she settles and then being able to take her out for a middle of the night potty break are essential for training. Consistency and positive reward during the first months at home including night crate training will set you up for those wanted behavior's we all strive for. I always recommend the puppy sleep in a parents room for the first few week at least until they have established a good night crate routine, where the puppy is able to sleep through the night. 


I am glad to hear you have registered with Baxter and Bella, this will provide a great resource for you 24/7.  I would encourage you to enroll in local Puppy Training as well. Each of our own children have attended puppy training which creates a great understanding, builds trust  and empowers the children. In person training is invaluable, as a parent it is a is truly fulfilling watching your child lean in and take positive control. 

Congratulations Howden-Duke family regardless of the weather may each of your days provide extra sunshine from this little ray of light.  

ppup dateIMG_7556_edited.png

Icy Cool Blue, Boy, he was born at 12:23 pm. Blue's birth weight is 273  grams today he is a healthy 2.24 kg. He a wears a chocolate phantom coat with a tiny spot of white on his chest.


Go with the flow could not describe a puppy better than it does Icy Cool Blue. He is gentle in play, he usually does not get ruffled up if one of his litter mates is vying for position and his favorite sleep position sprawled flat on his back. Jasmine, Cody and Cehaj, Mr. Blue is a great match for your family and will be ready to move in just a couple weeks now! 


He is attuned to people, has a strong desire to please which will help him excel in training. I am glad to hear you have enrolled both in Baxter and Bella and to in person puppy training with Bow Wow Academy. Positive reinforced training helps build trusting bonds which will aid in his desire to please you, making training that much easier.

 I am glad to hear that you have thought about dog-free zones in your home, this is important especially in a home with young children.  Equally important is ensuring your new puppy has his own designated space, as he will need to have solitude frequently through the day. Ensuring children understand that when their dog is in this designated space they give the dog space to rest and do not enter. It is apparent after reading your questionnaire that you have given consideration and have a great plan in place to ensure the best transition for your family and puppy.

Blue will be an affectionate, loyal companion ready to hop in the bike trailer and go for a ride, accompany you on a weekend trip to Whistler or cuddle up beside you on the couch at the end of a long day.

Congratulations Sidhu/Mann family Mr. Blue will be the best fur friend to you all and the greatest confidant to Cehaj. 


If your family has already chosen the name for your newest member please email it to us and we will be able to start calling them by name!

Of course, if you have any questions you can email us at and we will be happy to answer them for you.

We hope you enjoy your six-week Pup Date Video!