Good Afternoon Chilliwack Labradoodle Families! 

This is our Seven-week Pup Date on the puppies from The Phantom Of Our Opera Litter!

The last Pup Date we provided you information regarding Potty Training.

This week we will provide you with information around Veterinarian, Vaccination, and Deworming. As well as the moment you have all been waiting for  "THE BIG REVEAL" Which puppy will be your forever fur baby! 

The puppies had their Puppy Veterinarian Appointment and are all well and healthy! No one became motion sick in the car, and after a period of time, all settled nicely in their crates. 


If you have not already done so you should be inquiring after a Veterinarian for your new puppy. 

During the Coronavirus epidemic, most veterinarians are only open for urgent care. However, you can still do your research and find a veterinarian. When looking for the right veterinarian for you we suggest that you phone a few clinics in your area and start off by speaking with the front staff.  Speak to your family and friends to gain information from them as to whom they could recommend as a veterinarian. 

Information that may be important to you will likely be...

-What are their hours? Are their hours convenient for what you are needing? 

-Does their office have a 24-hour vet on call? or will you need to seek after-hours Veterinary services elsewhere?  It is great if your vet does their own after-hours emergency services even if they rotate their after-hours shifts with other Veterinarians in the same office. This way they will have access to all of your puppies history, they will likely be able to answer some of your questions on the phone which could save you a late-night trip to the vet.

-Is the veterinarian familiar with Australian Labradoodles?

If you decide this could be a potential Veterinarian for you ask if you can schedule an appointment for an interview with the Veterinarian. There will likely be the cost of consultation involved but it is important to make sure your new Veterinarian aligns with your beliefs in puppy health care. It is important to have a good relationship with your Veterinarian and that together you can decide on the best treatment options for your puppy/dog.


Your puppy will have had his/her first vaccination and deworming before they come home to you. The next vaccination and deworming should be arranged for at least 4weeks after the first one, the third four weeks after the second vaccination and deworming. Your veterinarian will advise you on this. When your puppy is 20 weeks old we suggest that you ask your Vet to do Titre Testing, which is a way they can determine if your puppy has sufficient immunity built up and therefore no longer needs vaccinations. We would also suggest having a follow-up Titre Testing done once they are three years old. Most often they will not need any follow up booster vaccinations.

Today is the most exciting day next to Puppy Pick-Up Day! This litter of puppies encompasses everything we are looking for in terms of temperament and personality in an Australian Labradoodle. After teasing through each little one's personalities and tendencies we were able to use all of our Puppy Assignment criteria to match the puppies to their forever home!   

Let's take a look at how each of our Australian Labradoodles is doing this week and find out who joins your family forever!

I will go through each puppy in the order of birth.

1.) Black Ribbon gone but not forgotten.






                                                 This little one will forever be in our hearts!

2.) Our next born is Blue Ribbon boy. He wears a majestic black coat with slight Phantom markings.  As you can see his subtle phantom markings highlight his coat in the most stunning way! Mr. Blue Ribbon is clever, most attentive, learns quickly, and loves to please his humans. Blue enjoys playing with his litter mates but is just as content and able to keep himself occupied on his own. Mr. Blue will assess a situation before diving in headstrong and tactfully challenges the situation with his own confidence. He was the first to try out the slide and sits most patiently with great eye contact knowing this behavior is rewarded.  These qualities will help Blue transition into his home where "Pepper" (the cat) already has her claimed territory! Congratulations Boice family Mr. Blue ribbon will join your family forever!  Jordan and Landon you will come to learn unconditional love from this beautiful Fur-Baby! 














3.) Purple Ribbon girl is our number three born, her coat is the fabulous chocolate phantom pattern with a shadow of white flash on her chin.  Ms. Purple Ribbon has an exceptionally well-rounded temperament she reminds me so much of her momma Sakura. We often find Purple batting a ball and chasing it when it rolls out of her grasp. She is great with children of all ages and will continue to be so with the coaching and training from her elder humans. Purple enjoys being with her littermates and will welcome joining a home with an existing fur-baby! Purple Ribbon is very connected and loves to be with her people when we walk into the room she is normally the first puppy to greet us. Although she is wee this girl has amazing eye contact and attuned to her people in a big way. Purple Ribbon has a gentle even temperament if she had her way she would be at our feet or in our lap. An affectionate girl for sure. These are some of the reasons Ms. Purple will join Jules and Cathy Tessarolo and live forever.
















4.) Our Red Ribbon girl was born fourth in the litter. Our little Monkey owns a place in each of our hearts and will be staying with us here at Chilliwack Laradoodles until she is ready to join her forever family. Red Ribbon along with all the other puppies had her wellness exam this week, we are happy to report with the exception of her left eye she is doing great!  We will hold onto our Tiny Monkey, consult with our Veterinarian Ophthalmologist, and provide all the followup care her eye requires. 


















5.) Our number five girl is Ms. Pink Ribbon. Ms. Pink Ribbon has a spectacularly well- rounded temperament. She loves people, animals and can easily entertain herself when others are busy. Chilliwack Labradoodles will be retaining Ms. Pink Ribbon, for our Guardian Program. We would like to welcome the Jenkinson family to our Guardian Program and wish you many entertaining and fulfilling years with Shiloh (formally know as Pink Ribbon!) We are glad that you have Registered her into the online training with BAXTER and Bella. This type of one-one online training truly is invaluable especially in the times that we find ourselves living in. We look forward to watching her grow and develop over the years to come. Congratulations!








6.) Orange Ribbon boy was born sixth and wears a distinct black phantom coat, with white flash on his chin and neck disappearing into the top of his chest. Mr. Orange Ribbon is an unflappable little guy that likes to explore his environment and really gravitates toward people and other animals. He exudes playful confidence which is a great attribute when joining a family with children and a family connected with their busy neighborhood.  This is one of the reasons Mr. Orange Ribbon will join the Banwait family fur-ever! This boy will be thrilled to attend your baseball or soccer games. Your next trip up to the family lake house in Shuswap should be not only an exciting one for Mr. Orange but for the whole family! I would love to see those pictures! Orange Ribbon is extremely clever and will learn commands and routines quickly. Puppy training could be an amazing tool for your family to unify training techniques and signals. This will ensure he continues to learn the positive behaviors and mannerisms you would like to see in and outside your home. At the end of play, Mr. Orange is most excited to curl up in a lap or at one's feet cuddling and content.  Congratulations Banwait family!


















7.) Number seven born is our Green Ribbon boy. Green Ribbon sports a fun chocolate parti coat. While Mr. Green enjoys his frolic and play he is most happy being around people and is ready for a cuddle whenever the situation presents itself. Mr. Green has a good balance of energy and calm he will be a great companion on walks and hikes.  He is adaptable, clever, and easygoing. Positive socialization encounters will continue to build a puppy's confidence while making him friendly and social with everyone he meets!   Sean we just know this little guy will be a terrific fit for your family. Lucy and Vincent prepare to have your heart stolen!

















If your family has already chosen the name for your newest member please email it to us and we will be able to start calling him/her by their new name!

Of course, if you have any questions you can email us at

Chilliwacklabradoodle.com and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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