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Chilliwack Labradoodles Joey! From the Bouquet of Roses Litter
Available and ready to join his forever family!
If you are interested in having Joey join your family, your next step will be completing a Puppy Application.
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Chilliwack Labradoodles Joey formally Green Pea

ALAA Registration Number 113374

WALA Registration Number 00078017

Date of Birth:  Feb. 16, 2022

13 months old

Colour: Carmel with white flash

Size: Large Miniature

Weight:   25 lbs     

Height:  15  inches

Coat: silky loose curl fleece coat

Mom: Chilliwack Labradoodles' Rosie

Dad:   Our boy Ivylane Mr. Moonlight


It is a rare opportunity for us to be able to offer an older trained and socialized puppy! Joey is ready to join his forever family! Joey has gotten past the puppy biting stage, sleepless nights and has benefitted from consistent love, training and socialization from his current family. Joey has matured into a lovely large miniature size boy. This foundation will make for a smooth transition into his new forever home! 

Due to health issues within Joey's current family, they are unable to care for him. They had only positive things to tell us about dear Joey. While he completed ones session of private training his family found Joey to be a quick and obedient learner making family training something they successfully accomplished on their own.


Joey is completely potty trained. To indicate his need to potty he will go toward the door a couple of times, check in with his parents and head back to the door. 


Joey is crate trained. Joey sleeps cozily in his crate at night and in the day if needed. The key words used for his crate are "Joey Crate." He is happy to run into his comfy crate. 


Joey sleeps through the night in his crate. A typical night would start between 9:30 pm -to 10:30 pm until 9:30 in the morning.  Joey of course will need to be let out in the backyard for a quick pee when he gets up. During a walk later in the day he will usually do his other business.

Joey is leash trained and uses a harness for walks. He is successful with off leash walking in safe areas such as hikes and in his yard. Is very responsive to his name with recall. If he wanders in front of you he will run back to check in. 

Joey is a friendly social dog who likes people! He really enjoys running and playing with children and is devoted to the baby of his family. Joey has traveled throughout BC and the USA with his family, he loves being in the car and easily sleeps in the car.

Joey's favorite play is chasing his ball and tug of war. 

When being introduced to a new environment Joey will typically use his sense of smell to investigate his surroundings when he is satisfied he settles in and feels safe. If Joey is not sure of something or decides he does not like something such as the vacuum, he will sit somewhere very politely until his family is done. 

Joey is up to date with all his vaccinations, he has a microchip implant and has already been neutered. 


Joey comes from a pedigree with generations of spectacular multigenerational Australian Labradoodle lines and will be a great addition to any type of family! 


With all of our puppies we cannot stress the importance of positive reinforcement training, with a professional trainer. This will not only ensure your puppy has a foundation for a life of wanted behaviors but create a strong trusting bond, between puppy and his human family.


Coupled with in person training we recommend The Bella and Baxter online puppy training program.

Chilliwack Labradoodles Online Puppy Training Partnership with BAXTER and Bella

If you are interested in adding Joey to your family forever your next step would be to complete a Puppy Application in the comments section please let me know it is our boy Joey you wish to add to your family.

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If you have any questions are happy to work through them with you. The very best way to connect with us is via email. You can email us at