Good Afternoon Chilliwack Labradoodle Families. 

We are proud to present to you the litter announcement for Roseabelle's New Year/New Hope Litter.  On January 13, 2021,  at 7:15 am our girl Bella delivered her first puppy.  Bella proceeded to deliver eight healthy, gorgeous puppies, with the last one's arrival at 1:50 pm. Bella and the puppies are doing well, nursing and nesting just as we expect at this point. 

We are excited to say that all families whether you had a Reservation, or are on our Reservation Wait List, will receive a puppy from Bella's New Year/New Hope litter. Moving forward you will receive mainly bi-weekly Pup Dates that will include pictures, videos, and information on all things  Fur Baby. If you are following our Facebook and Instagram pages you will have the added viewing pleasure of random litter picture posts, between your regularly scheduled  Pup Dates!

Here is a link to our website page outlining what you can expect in the coming weeks.



For our last months' Pup Date we introduced you to the amazing BAXTER and Bella online dog training program. This week are happy to present you with your Litter Announcement, How To Get Your House Set-up, and Planning for your Puppy's arrival. PlusTwo of the MOST important things you can do for your puppy and family, as well a list of "Our Favourite Supplies." 

Litter Announcement!

The litter consists of five girls and three boys. At this time all puppy's coats are presenting as caramel coloured varying from golden to red some with white flash! With both parents wearing beautiful wavy curls for a coat it is no wonder why I can already see the ripple effects of soon-to-be teddy bear curls on some of these fur babies! Their litter names are consistent with the theme New Year/New Hope. We will provide you information on each puppy in the order of their birth.

Black Zen is our first boy born at 7:15 am. He was born weighing 315 grams.

He has a beautiful caramel coat with white flash.

Peach Delight was born at 8:45 am. She weighs 200 grams.

She wears a golden caramel coat with white flash.

Pink Blossom is our next little girl born at 9:09 am.  Weighing in at 321 grams.

Pink Blossom wears a warm caramel red coat with white flash.


Little Red Firecracker is female, born at 11:40 am and weighed in at 237 grams.

Red wears a caramel red coat with bits of white flash. 

Orange Dragon is our second boy born. This caramel/red coated boy also displays some nice white flash. Orange Dragon was born at 11:54 am and weighed in at 212 grams. 

Purple Peace is our next girl born at 12:03 pm, weighing 223 grams. 

Ms. Peace has a silky smooth caramel/red coloured coat.  

Green Dream wears a caramel/red coat with distinguished white flash. He was born at 12:39 pm and weighed 239 grams. 

Dr. Bonnie Blue is our next girl born at 1:50 pm, she weighed in at 243 grams.

Dr. Bonnie has a spectacular caramel/red coat with bits of white flash. 

How To Get Your House Set-up, and Planning for your Puppy's Arrival

-Which door will your puppy go in and out of at your house during potting training?

It is really important when you are doing house training or any sort of training to have consistency. You will want to pick the door that is most convenient to you and that goes directly to your "potty area."

Puppies have a really short attention span so you want to make sure that the door is easily accessible and the potty area is right outside the door.  If you are involving your children in potty training you will want to make sure the door is easy to open for them.

Have you thought about a designated area to house your puppy chew toys, or leash and collars? This is especially important when you have more than one member in your home. We have our harnesses and leashes hanging on 3M hooks directly beside the door to where we take our dogs potty.  This works great for us.

-Next, have you decided where your puppy will eat?

As I said puppies do have short attention spans so choosing a place to eat that is a bit out of the way so the puppy can concentrate on eating is important.  Labradoodles are notorious for having a lack of food drive, fewer distractions should help with that.

-Where is your puppy going to sleep?

We highly recommend your puppy sleep in your bedroom with you in a crate for at least the first few weeks.  When we sleep we elicit pheromones and dogs absorb those pheromones just by being in the same room as us.  Those pheromones help to build the bond between you and your dog.  It helps them become a member of your "pack." During the first couple of nights, your puppy may want to get up during the night to go to the bathroom.  As well as being close by to hear the bathroom signal from your puppy, sleeping close by will help give your puppy a sense of comfort during his transition. It is fine if your puppy sleeps with your children, as long as your children are prepared to take the puppy out at three or four in the morning for a potty break.

-You will also want to consider if you will be having any "Dog Free," zones in your home?

In our home we have some dog-free zones, our children's playroom is one area. Our kiddos have lego and all sorts of little bits and toys hiding in the playroom. We are all aware that this is a Dog Free Zone and make sure to shut the door to that room, we have taught our dogs early on to stay outside that room. 

Puppy Socialization and Training


Puppy Socialization and Training. These are two of the MOST important things you can do for your puppy and family. Chilliwack Labradoodles highly recommends involving everyone in the family when it comes to Socialization and Training.


Training is a terrific way for you to teach, learn, and socialize your puppy all at the same time.  Training and Socializing your puppy is a couple of the most important things you can do for your puppy, it is critical in the early months of a puppy's life. Your puppy will have had one vaccination and some immunity built up from momma. If you wait to start training and socializing until all their vaccinations are given you will miss the critical period for when your puppy needs socialization. Is there a risk of taking your puppy to training classes without having all vaccinations completed? Minimal but yes.

We had all three of our dogs at early puppy training and socializing classes right after their second set of vaccinations. (with a trainer that I vetted well and who understands the health and safety around puppies that have not been fully vaccinated.) Do not let your puppy go near or sniff other puppies' urine or feces.  

If you have not yet found a positive reinforcement trainer to take your puppy to classes we highly recommend that you do as soon as possible and enroll in your first puppy training classes. 

When looking for a trainer we would suggest you ask if they are Certified?  Ask who certified them and how long did it take to become certified?  If a trainer is not certified it does not necessarily mean they are not great at what they do, ask them how long they have been training? The two most common types of training are Lure: treat/praise and Clicker Training:  behavior, click, and treat.  We have trained using both methods, they equally work well. I personally prefer lure training I find for me it is a quicker method of training. One of the other adult members of our program excelled at Clicker Training, he struggles with processing and some verbal communication and found with clicker training he was easily able to focus on the positive action and mark it with a click. Intelligence and learning quickly are a couple of the strong traits of the Labradoodle therefore your puppy is able to excel at either training style.  Ask the trainer if you could come to sit in on one of their training classes prior to bringing your puppy. 

We completely discourage any kind of physical force imposed training.  Labradoodles are social and sensitive dogs, they respond well to and learn by watch and listening for your tone of voice, facial and body expressions. We mark our dog's behaviors with treats and praise both verbal and physical by cuddling, petting, and play. If we change our tone of voice or remove ourselves from the puppy/dog's view these actions work well at letting the puppy know the behavior they were doing is not an acceptable one.  The greater the positively reinforced bond you have with your dog the quicker they will learn and repeat the good behaviors we are wanting from them. Your dog needs to trust you and feel confident in the mutual bond the two of you will build in order to learn the great long term behaviors that you are seeking. Patience and consistency are what really works well for long term learning and understanding of your fur baby. 


What is Socialization?

Socialization is where we take our puppies and teach them not to be afraid of things. Also, known as desensitization. Socializing your puppy is desensitizing them to situations. 

During weeks 3 through to week 16, your puppy is going through a critical imprint stage. Every experience is new to them and they are learning at a rapid pace. This is why it is so important to create positive experiences and expose them to as many things as possible. Anything your puppy has not experienced during this period may be something he is hesitant about in the future. if you have the consistent and trusting bond that he has come to rely on he will be calmer and able to work through this with you. 

Puppies also come with a genetic temperament. Some may come bounding over and be very outgoing, while another quieter and less outgoing. At Chilliwack Labradoodles, we will do as many things as possible to introduce the puppies to new things and experiences. Once you take your puppy home it will be up to you to continue to socialize with him. 

During the critical Socialization period, our puppies have not received all of their vaccinations!  By the time you bring your puppy home, your puppy has started to build its immune system.  They have had their first set of vaccinations and have some immunity built up from their momma.  

The key is to socialize them in areas that other dogs do not frequent.

Avoid the Vet Clinic if possible! The vet clinic is full of sick animals and germs. Your first trip to see your veterinarian will be only a few days after bringing your puppy home. Take your puppy into the office in her crate, bring your own blanket or towel to place on the exam table. When the exam is complete put your puppy back into the crate or your arms. You can also call ahead and confirm that there have been no contagious dogs in the clinic that day. No Paws on the floor or outside the entrance of the veterinary clinic!

Also, avoid dog parks.  All sorts of dogs frequent these areas and we do not know what they may be carrying or if they are even vaccinated. Dog parks are not always safe you know that you have trained your dog and care for her. You are never sure what to expect from all of the other dogs in the open area.

Avoid Pet Zones at public places and rest stops. If you are driving and need to stop for a potty break pull over to an area that is not popular, or stop at a fast-food location and choose a small patch of grass for potty time. Yes, other dogs may have been there but significantly less than at the alternative places. Parvovirus and Distemper are shed through dog feces. Do not let your dog sniff or go near other feces.

Great places to take your dog for socialization are Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, and The Pet Store (The Pet Store ONLY  is safe only if you use the following advice!) Take your puppy in a front pack, bring a blanket or your puppy's bed and place it in the cart. No Paws on the ground or the buggy!

Here is the link to Our Favourite Supplies page of our website.


It is at this time that your first payment of $1, 430.00 is due.  You can etransfer your payment to chilliwacklabradoodle@gmail.com

We look forward to providing you with more information in your next Pup Date two weeks from now!  If you have any questions the best way to connect with us is via email chilliwacklabradoodle@gmail.com we are always happy to help.

Stay Healthy and Safe!




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Good Afternoon Chilliwack Labradoodle Families. 

In the last Pup Date, we gave you information about the importance of Socialization and Training, How To Get Your House Set-up,  and Planning for your Puppy's arrival. As well we provided you with our website link to a list of "Our Favourite Supplies," and of course, your Litter Announcement!​ We packed a lot of information into that one Pup Date!


For today's Pup Date I will keep it light, by speaking to you a bit about why a dog's crate and bed are important.

Naptime is so important for puppies. Without quality sleep, just like ourselves your puppy cannot learn as well and will not perform up to its usual standards. Whether we are talking about their crate or bed you want them to feel safe and comfortable so that they receive the best quality sleep they can have.  Puppies need time to decompress especially during the first 16 months of life as they are experiencing and learning everything for the first time, this can be very exhausting for these little fur babies.  It is very important to give them time and a soft, safe, and secure place to sleep. A place no one will disrupt them.  In order to achieve this choose a smaller crate, with a nice soft crate mat preferably with a ledge for them to rest their heads. 

For the children in our families, this is the most exciting time and they love to be with their new best friend whenever they get a notion to.  They love to rush up and cuddle with their puppy/dog, pick them up while they are sleeping, and quite often be with them every chance they can get. This is the deep bond we like to see our children have with our dogs. This is an opportunity to teach our children about understanding and the responsibility they have for their puppy's needs. While your puppy needs to know that their crate is a safe place and know nobody can get at them and they don't get out of on their own, our children need to understand this as well.  Our children need to understand when the puppy/dog is in its crate they are not to be disturbed.  Your puppy/dog will need a quiet place to have their alone time from the children.  Once the puppy is well-rested he will return to his/her usual self, be refreshed, and ready to start the next adventure. A good equation to follow when you bring your puppy home is an hour out of the crate should equal the next hour in for nap time. 

When choosing a crate pick one that is not too large. Dogs instinctively never sleep where they go to the bathroom. If your crate is too large he will have room to go to the bathroom in a corner. To start we suggest a plastic crate. This will give your puppy the secure feeling of being in a den.  A good size plastic starter crate for your puppy would measure approximately 28"L X 20"W X 21"H As your puppy grows into a full-grown dog he will probably prefer a metal or wire crate. These crates are cooler, especially in the summer months. The measurements of our medium size Labradoodles wire crates are 35"L X 22"W X 24"H.  Chilliwack Labradoodles will have already begun to introduce your dog with the crate, your dog will be familiar with her crate and see it as a safe place, "their den." Using a sheet to cover a crate is sometimes very helpful for a puppy that has a hard time settling down and shutting out distractions. Often puppies and dogs also like the idea that no one can see in, this can be comforting to them.

Guideline for how long a puppy can be in a crate for a single period of time?

It is said that the equation for this is one hour for each month the puppy is old. For the first three months, I would say that is a bit excessive. When you bring your puppy home I would suggest one-hour intervals in the crate would be more the norm. Except of course when your puppy is sleeping, if they fall asleep in the crate and are sleeping for hours that is perfectly ok let them sleep. If you have to run out every now and again once in a while, three hour intervals would be perfectly fine for a three-month-old puppy. As discussed we want your puppies crate to be a place they want to be, whenever you put them in the crate get in a good habit of putting their favorite bone or a stuffed Kong into the crate. They will be content to be in their crate and able to exercise their brain as well as help with their teething. 

As I said we will have started your puppy on the introduction to crate training, so when your puppy comes home she can usually sleep in her crate for up to six hours during the evening. Now because your puppy will be transitioning to your home, all of his/her routines and familiar sights, sounds, smells not to mention Momma and Litter Mates are gone your puppy may regress a bit in all or any areas and you will need to work up to the six hours of sleep. 

For the first two weeks of life, the puppies rely on their mothers for every basic need! Puppies cannot see, hear, regulate their heat, or even eliminate when they are born.  Their nose is the one sense that they have to rely upon. As you may guess they can detect scent with their nose, their nose has another very important purpose, their nose can detect heat and it leads them right to their one and only heat source, their mother.  They rely on their mother to stimulate them to potty, she provides them with all of their nutrition, keeps them warm, and attends to their every squeak or cry.

This second week of life for our puppies has been an accomplished one. While  Roseabelle still needs to help the puppies eliminate and cleans up after them they are starting to do some of this on their own.  For the past week, the puppies have scootched around on their tummies working on building strength for the big day when they could stand on all fours.  This week we have watched each of them begin to pull themselves up onto all fours and wobble about like Bambie. It is truly beautiful to watch.


The big milestone for our puppies this week is that they are starting to open their eyes! In some of the pup date pictures, you will see the tiny little slits are opening to reveal their gorgeous Labradoodle eyes. Our Labradoodles are born with blue eyes, this will change over time turning to brown, or hazel/green. The puppies can now see outlines and shapes but they still cannot hear. Their ears start to open closer to three weeks old, it will often take longer than three weeks for this to occur.

The parents of our New Year/New Hope Litter as you know are  Sunvalley Roseabelle and Labradoodles of Montana Burnished Copper. When most people see Bella and Copper they see two red dogs, one with white flash! (Copper)


When it comes to the technical definitions of Labradoodle colour language, Bella is a red dog and Copper is a caramel dog with white flash! Copper could be called a caramel/red with white flash to distinguish the fact that his caramel is darker presenting as red. The colour of a dog's leathers determines the colour of the dog. For example, Bella has black leathers, which means her nose, gums and padded areas are black. Copper has brown leathers, which means his nose, gums, and padded areas are brown. Their leathers determine the technical name of their coat, speaking in Labradoodle terms of course. Reds and Caramels both have varying shades.

This week you may see some of the puppy's noses are starting to fill in, whether they end up brown or black it happens over time. 

Let's take a look at how each of our medium Australian Labradoodles is doing this week.

We will provide you information on each puppy in the order of their birth.

Black Zen is our first Boy born at 07:15 am. 

He was born weighing 315 grams, today he weighs a healthy 1.03 kg

Black Zen presents as a caramel coloured puppy with generous white flash markings. His leathers are currently filling in and he may very well end up being a red/apricot coloured dog.

pup date.JPG

Peach Delight was born at 8:45 am.

She was born weighing 200 grams, today this girl is 707 grams.

Like her brother she presents as a caramel coloured puppy with generous white flash markings. Her leathers are currently filling in and he may very well end up being a red/apricot coloured dog.


Pink Blossom was born at 9:09 am.

Her birth weight was 321 grams and now weighs 814 grams.

She too will likely be a red dog with white flash. 


Little Red Firecracker was born at 11:40 am.

Weighing in at 237 grams today she weighs 838 grams.

This girl is presenting more as a red dog with wisps of white flash. 


Orange Dragon was born at 11:54 am.

Weight of 212 grams, today he weighs a nice 778 grams.

I believe he too will present as a red dog with generous white flash.


Purple Peace was born at 12:03 pm.

She originally weighed in at 223 grams, today she weighs 832 grams.

As the law of average would have it this lady is presenting as a red dog with white flash.


Green Dream was born at 12:39 pm.

Mr. Green Dream was born with a birth weight of 239, his weight today is 874 grams

He presents as a red/caramel coat with generous white flash.


Dr. Bonnie Blue was born at 1:50 pm.

With a weight of 243 grams, today she weighed in at 780 grams.

Like her brother before her Bonnie presents as a Red/Caramel with a beautiful white flash.





Good Afternoon Chilliwack Labradoodle Families!

This is our four-week Pup Date on the puppies for The New Year/New Hope Litter.

In the last Pup Date, we provided information about why a dogs' crate and bed are important. This week we hope to learn more about your lifestyle, hobbies, interests, and family make-up.  This information will assist us in matching each puppy to their forever home.  As well you will see this week we have information regarding exercise, puppy food/eating routine, and alone time for your puppy.


Puppy Food, Treats, and Bones

-Right now we are feeding our puppies a high-quality kibble that can be purchased at many pet stores such as Pet Smart. The brand we use is Nutrience Sub-Zero For Puppies, it is the Green Bag.

-Another great food to feed your puppy would be "Smack," which is a high-quality raw dehydrated dog food. You will not find it at all pet stores only some. We order ours online and have it shipped to our door. 

-Ziwi Peak Brand Dog Food another high-quality raw dehydrated dog food. Not all pet stores keep this brand in stock we get ours from "Tail Blazers," Pet Food Store.

-We use the "Ziwi Peak" as training treats and our dogs love them! You can use whatever your dog has for kibble to train him he will be quite happy with that. 

-Our favorite treats and bones to give our dogs are:

their kibble, dehydrated liver or lung treats, various dehydrated meat treats, pieces of cheese, small cubed cooked chicken (this can be messy when using for reward, the cooked chicken will break apart easily)bully sticks, deer antlers, and their Kong. 

Feeding Routine

By the time you take your puppy home, he/she will be eating dry Nutrience Sub-Zero Puppy Kibble three times a day.  The amount that you feed your puppy at each feeding can be determined by your puppy's weight.  Please read the instructions on the bag for your puppy's daily feeding amount based on his weight. Divide the amount by three and that will be your puppy's portion of kibble at each meal.  As your puppy grows you can increase the amount based on weight and divide his/her portions into two feedings.  Typically when your puppy comes home to you they will be on an 8:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 5:00 pm feeding routine so that your puppy has plenty of time to eliminate before bed. Fresh unlimited access to water throughout the day is extremely important to your dog, we suggest putting the water away about 1.5 hours prior to bedtime, in order to help with night time potty.


For your puppies, it is important that you do not over-exercise them. Puppies do need a nice balance of both mental and physical stimulation. Puppies need to exercise to develop growing muscles, but we do not want to over-exercise them because their growth plates are still growing and we do not want to cause any trauma to their developing plates. We need to be mindful of our puppies' hips, all puppies are susceptible to hip dysplasia.  At Chilliwack Labradoodles, we test all of our breeding dogs in order to avoid any hereditary factors of hip dysplasia.  Hips are affected by genetics and the environment. We have not only covered the genetic component of Hip Dysplasia but we have also started being mindful of our puppies' environment by making sure the puppies have a good grip beneath them while nursing so they do not slip causing stress on the hip joints. Assuring their bedding is sturdy, nice but not too soft. When your puppy comes home to you one of the important things you can do to support your puppies' growth is to limit your puppies' use of stairs as much as possible.  You will want to carry your puppy up and down the stairs for at least the first six months.

When you take your puppy out for a walk it is said that a reasonable timeline for your puppy to walk is 5 minutes for every month your puppy is old. Up until your puppy is about one year old. Once your puppy is one year old he will be ready to jog or run beside you but up until this age, walking is best for your puppy. If you have the opportunity to change the terrain that you are walking on, gravel, grass, residential streets, etc. do so as much as you can. Not only is it good for your puppies' physical growth but introducing them to all sorts of new experiences builds up their confidence and resilience as well. As well as walking, your dog can enjoy as much back yard play as it wants. There is no need to limit backyard play.

Alone Time For Your Puppy!

Labradoodles are smart and Labradoodles are very social. We need to set them up for success when leaving them home on their own. We have begun the transition here at Chilliwack Labradoodles by doing things such as the weaning process from their momma, transitions from their whelping area to their nursery, nursery to the sensory gym, and taking the puppies out and spending puppy to human, one-one time with them. The guide for time spent away from your puppy is one hour per month your puppy is old.  I would not suggest leaving your puppy at three months old alone for three hours at a time often, only once in a while. 

Before you leave your puppy you need to prepare his surroundings we suggest you set up your x-pen, inside the x-pen, you will want to leave your puppies crate, with a pee pad, freshwater, an exercise cube, or food puzzle, "Safe" toys and a Kong stuffed with a treat placed inside your puppies crate. If you like you can leave the TV or Music on for your puppy.  You do want to leave your puppy alone on a regular basis for 1/2 hour to 1-hour intervals they need to learn how to be independent, they need to experience you being gone and know that you will return. 

If you are working for the day or not able to be home you will need to make arrangements for your puppy.  You can arrange Doggy Daycare, (once your puppy is fully vaccinated) someone can come into your home for periods of the day or you could have a dog walker.  The person ideally could spend an hour in your dog's presence even if they are not interacting directly with your dog, the dog knows that they have a human with them and this is important to them.  This is especially true of Labradoodles, they are very social dogs, they have been bred to be social, this is part of the reason for their popularity. It also means we need to accommodate this social need and understand that they are totally dependent on us and their strongest relationship is with their people.

This week was an adventurous one in our puppies' lives! The puppies have been moved from their whelping beds to a larger area with potty pads and a Sensory Gymnasium! Not only is this Gymnasium Fun but it helps the puppies become desensitized to different noises, textures, shapes, sizes, and colours. It helps them to learn how to navigate obstacles, gain confidence in our world, and become resilient.  

The puppies were also introduced to solid foods this week, as part of a natural weaning process we slowly start to feed them a mixture of blended kibble, pumpkin, and puppy formula.  The puppies have been happy with this transition, they smell the food as I bring it to their pen and are easily lapping up food from their pan. They are messy little pros at it now!


With their whelping bed gone we have introduced them to their crate. We want their crate to feel like our bedroom does for us. A cozy safe place to rest. At this point, their crate is left open for them to roam in and out of as they please. They are keeping their crate clean and learning to use puppy pads outside their crate to potty.  This will help the transition to their new home with you if indeed you are using a crate and they will be familiar with potty pads.

Let's take a look at how each of our Australian Labradoodles is doing this week.

I will go through each puppy in the order of  birth                                                                                                   

Black Zen is our first Boy born at 07:15 am. 

Black Zen is an Apricot coloured puppy with generous white flash markings. 


Peach Delight was born at 8:45 am.

Like her brother, Peach is an Apricot coloured puppy with generous white flash markings. 

A+ Pup date.JPG

Pink Blossom was born at 9:09 am.

Pink is a red dog with white flash. 

Horizontal A+ Pupdate.JPG

Little Red Firecracker was born at 11:40 am.

Ms. Red has a solid red coat and is a red-coloured dog. 

Pup Date HOrizontal.JPG

Orange Dragon was born at 11:54 am.

Mr. Orange is a twin to his sister Pink Blossom, he is a red dog with generous white flash.


Purple Peace was born at 12:03 pm.

As the law of average would have it this lady is a red dog with white flash.

Pupdate horizontal.JPG

Green Dream was born at 12:39 pm.

He has a caramel/red coat with generous white flash.


Dr. Bonnie Blue was born at 1:50 pm.

Like her brother before her Bonnie is a Caramel/Red puppy, beautiful white flash.

Date Vertical.jpg




Good Evening Chilliwack Labradoodle Families!

This is our six-week Pup Date on the puppies for The New Year/New Hope Litter.

In the last Pup Date, we provided information around Exercise, Puppy Food/Eating Routine, and Alone Time For Your Puppy. We enjoy reading over the returned Chilliwack Labradoodle Family Questionnaire and look forward to receiving those remaining.

In this week's Pup Date we would like to go over basic Grooming including Ear Care. As well if you haven't already done so we would like to encourage you to learn more about The BAXTER and Bella online dog training program. At Chilliwack Labradoodles, we believe two of the most important things you can provide for your puppy are training and socialization! These two things will help to ensure your puppy will perform the wanted behaviors we all strive for in our dogs as well as create positive, strong bonds between family members and fur-babies. To learn more simply click on the link I have provided to the BAXTER and Bella page of our website!


Last but certainly not least this week we will talk a bit about Potty Training!​


Labradoodles need to be groomed typically every 4-6 weeks. 

Depending on how short or long you prefer their coat and how much maintenance bushing you do between grooms.


For maintenance between grooms we suggest:

Either spending 10 minutes each day brushing your dog. Alternating between areas of your dog's body.

Or setting aside time once per week and giving your dog a full body brush. 

Check with your groomer as to what services they will provide while your dog is with them. Typically a full groom entails bath, blow dry, hair, and nail clipping. Ask if they clean inside your dog's ears? Labradoodles have floppy ears and they tend to be quite hairy inside. We never pluck their inner ear hair as the hair is there for a reason; it is to help wick moisture away. Also plucking their ears opens up the pore making it more susceptible to infection. Trimming of the inner ear is acceptable, never plucking. 

The length and style you choose to keep your doodle are entirely up to you. We prefer our dogs to have about a two-inch hair length. We send all of our puppies home with their own personal folder, one of the items in your puppies folder will be a Labradoodle Grooming Card.  You can bring this card to your groomer as an example of what an Australian Labradoodle Groom looks like. We suggest finding pictures of your favorite doodle groom and bringing them with you to your appointment.  


Ear Care for Labradoodles


Floppy ear dogs such as the Australian Labradoodles can be susceptible to ear infections. Since their ears are floppy they can retain moisture which may cause infection. Cleaning and grooming the ear will help keep your dog's ear dry and help prevent ear infections. 

Cleaning your dog's ears weekly to biweekly with an ear cleaning product is what we recommend and takes just a few minutes.  The brand of ear cleaner that we use is MalAcetic by Dehra. We like this cleaner as it has no alcohol or fragrance which tends to dry your pup's ear out and make it itchy.  We purchase ours from amazon, having it delivered right to our door. Shake your cleanser and then clean one ear at a time.  Squeeze a small amount into your dog's ear.  Use fairly firm pressure and massage the outer ear down into the ear canal.  This will help release the wax and any build-up in their ear, it also spreads the product around effectively removing bacteria from the ear. You will want to do this for about 30 seconds. Lastly, you will want to apply a cotton ball to the inside of your dog's ear wiping the excess moisture. 


You will find many ear cleaning solutions available if you are unsure which one will be best for your dog speak to your veterinarian. Veterinary clinics will have this product as well as others they prefer in stock. 

How will you know if your dog has an ear infection? 

-Constant scratching at the ears or chin, especially if they are scratching on one side.

-While you are cleaning your dog's ear if they cry, they likely have an ear infection.

-If you smell your dog's ear and it smells foul or yeasty, or if your dog's ear is hot to the touch chances are your dog has an ear infection. 

If you suspect an ear infection you will want to take your dog to the vet. 


A nice pink clean ear indicates a healthy one. 

There are two routes to go to treat this infection the most common course will be for your vet to prescribe an antibiotic drop, usually Surolan. Dogs can become resistant to Surolan.


If our dog ends up with future ear infections another option we choose to use is a 100% natural product Zymox. It is also available from Amazon. We use this every day for one week. It breaks everything up incredibly well. 

The best course of action to prevent ear infection is to regularly clean their ears and ensure your dog's ears are dry especially after water sports. If you are taking your dog swimming and boating this will be something you want to stay on top of. 

If you are interested here are the links to the ear products we use on our own dogs.


Regular ear wash that we use: MalAcetic by Dehra


Alternate ear infection treatment we use:  Zymox


Please note if you are a Chilliwack Labradoodles Guardian Home we require collaborative care for all of our puppies and dogs alike. Any decisions made with regard to treatment must be one we have discussed and agreed upon including ear care. 



What is the best way to toilet train my puppy?

At Chilliwack Labradoodles, we find Crate training is a very successful way to train your puppy.  Puppies do not like to eliminate in their beds.  

Your puppy will need to sleep where you can hear it. If your puppy begins to whine in his crate or make noises immediately get up, leash your puppy while she is still in the crate, pick your puppy up out of the crate and pack it outside to your "potty place." (Try to avoid taking your puppy out of the crate while it is pawing at the crate, the second he/she is not pawing quickly open the crate and say "let's go potty." If you are continually retrieving your puppy exactly when they whine or paw crate they will get the message that, "ahhh, if I do this my owner will let me out." They will think you want them to do that behavior.)  You will find having a consistent and familiar word that everyone in the household uses to key the puppy to potty is very important. For example, our word is "Go Potty." Your puppy/dog will want to sniff around that is ok for a bit. We do not walk around we stand still let the puppy roam as far as the leash allows, only in the area we have designated for potty. We say "go potty!" The second the puppy goes potty, in our happy voice, smiley face, we say good potty!! We reward her with a small liver treat or whatever treat you choose. Puppies recognize by your facial expressions and tone of voice if we are happy with what they are doing and will more likely continue that behavior. The treat reinforces to them that "ahh that is what "go potty," means! If your puppy continues to sniff around let her for a few more minutes just in case they have more business to do. Do not let them take too long as we want them to understand this is "potty time" not playtime. If this is indeed the middle of the night pack her back to the crate and tuck her in.  Every time they potty give them a treat and be very excited and happy for them! Australian Labradoodles are very intelligent and this will speed potty training or any training up, it is a way of positively reinforcing the good behavior that you want from them.

Throughout the day use the same method as described above when having to take your puppy out to go potty.  First thing in the morning will be her first potty break.  Each time whether it is night or day and your puppy is coming out of her crate she will need to be taken potty. After each meal and each drink of water, your puppy will need to be taken potty.  After your puppy has eaten a meal wait for about 10 minutes and you take it out for potty.  If she doesn't eliminate, take your puppy in and put her in her crate. (Remember crate time is a positive time, have a bone or special toy for her in there.) Wait for 10-20 minutes, take the puppy out potty again. If your puppy eliminates this time praise and rewards her. If she does not eliminate bring her back into the crate, keep repeating until she eliminates.  The more consistent you are with this in the early weeks will instill to the puppy that this is how potty time works and they will learn quickly what is expected of them.  The more often your puppy potties in the house the harder it will be to break that behavior. Every puppy has learned behaviors whether they are wanted or unwanted behaviors that is why we need to consistently promote good behaviors for both the puppy and ourselves long-term relationship and success. 

A tool that can train your puppy to let you know when he/she needs to potty is to place a bell on your door and each time you take him/her to potty ring it-eventually they will catch on and begin to ring the bell when they need to be let out. 

You will get to know your puppy and will soon be increasing these times to longer periods.  It will not take long for your puppy to know which door they need to wait to go potty. Or which area of the yard is their potty spot. Your consistency and patience in the short term will pay off for many years to come!

The puppies are loving their kibble mush and getting much better at eating more than they wear! This week we have been working with the puppies on socialization/desensitization. The puppies have been introduced to their Sensory Gymnasium they enjoy it so much we have put a mini one into their nursery! Not only is this gymnasium fun but it helps the puppies become desensitized to different noises, textures, shapes, sizes, and colours. It helps them to learn how to navigate obstacles, gain confidence in our world, and become resilient.  We continue to spend one-to-one time with each puppy, exposing them to different surfaces, textures, and sounds. We are taking notes on their reactions to every new experience while they are with their Momma and Littermates or out on their own.

This week we have also increased their nursery size and taken most of the puppy pads out of their nursery leaving them with exposed flooring which is one more step in the potty training process. More often than not they will migrate over to where the puppy pads are to do their business, this is progress!

Let's take a look at how each of the Australian Labradoodles is doing this week.

As always I will go through each puppy in the order of birth.

Black Zen is our first Boy born at 07:15 am. 

Black Zen is an Apricot coloured puppy with generous white flash markings. 


Peach Delight was born at 8:45 am.

Like her brother, Peach is an Apricot coloured puppy with generous white flash markings. 


Pink Blossom was born at 9:09 am.

Pink is a red dog with white flash. 


Little Red Firecracker was born at 11:40 am.

Ms. Red has a solid red coat and is a red-coloured dog. 


Orange Dragon was born at 11:54 am.

Mr. Orange is a twin to his sister Pink Blossom, he is a red dog with generous white flash.


Purple Peace was born at 12:03 pm.

As the law of average would have it this lady is a red dog with white flash.


Green Dream was born at 12:39 pm.

He has a caramel/red coat with generous white flash.


Dr. Bonnie Blue was born at 1:50 pm.

Like her brother before her Bonnie is a Caramel/Red puppy, beautiful white flash.


If you have not already E-transferred your last and final payment of $1,430.00 for your Chilliwack New Year/New Hope Litter it is now due!

A big thank you to everyone for returning your Family Questionnaires! If you have not already done so we do need them asap.

Next week your Pup Date will include "The Big Reveal!" Each of you will learn which puppy will belong to your family forever! You can expect your Pup Date to be sent to you at the End of next week! 

Of course, if you have any questions you can email us at

Chilliwacklabradoodle.com and we will be happy to answer them for you.




Good Afternoon Chilliwack Labradoodle Families!

This is our seven-week Pup Date on the puppies from our New Year /New Hope Litter.

The last Pup Date we provided you information regarding basic Grooming including Ear Care, Potty Training.


This week we will provide you with information around Veterinarian, Vaccination, and Deworming. We will brainstorm creative and effective ways in which you can socialize and desensitize your puppies during the isolating time of COVID-19. We will provide you with a link on How to Groom Your Australian Labradoodle. Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for  "THE BIG REVEAL" Which puppy will be your forever fur baby! 


If you have not already done so you should be inquiring after a Veterinarian for your new puppy. 

During the Coronavirus epidemic, most veterinarians are only open for urgent care. However, you can still do your research and find a veterinarian. When looking for the right veterinarian for you we suggest that you phone a few clinics in your area and start off by speaking with the front staff.  Speak to your family and friends to gain information from them as to whom they could recommend as a veterinarian. 

Information that may be important to you will likely be...

-What are their hours? Are their hours convenient for what you are needing? 

-Does their office have a 24-hour vet on call? or will you need to seek after-hours Veterinary services elsewhere?  It is great if your vet does their own after-hours emergency services even if they rotate their after-hours shifts with other Veterinarians in the same office. This way they will have access to all of your puppy's history, they will likely be able to answer some of your questions on the phone which could save you a late-night trip to the vet.

-Is the veterinarian familiar with Australian Labradoodles?

If you decide this could be a potential Veterinarian for you ask if you can schedule an appointment for an interview with the Veterinarian. There will likely be the cost of consultation involved but it is important to make sure your new Veterinarian aligns with your beliefs in puppy health care. It is important to have a good relationship with your Veterinarian and that together you can decide on the best treatment options for your puppy/dog.


Your puppy will have had his/her first vaccination and deworming before they come home to you. The next vaccination and deworming should be arranged for at least 4weeks after the first one, the third four weeks after the second vaccination, and deworming. Your veterinarian will advise you on this. When your puppy is 20 weeks old we suggest that you ask your Vet to do TiterTesting, which is a way they can determine if your puppy has sufficient immunity built up and therefore no longer needs vaccinations. We would also suggest having a follow-up TiterTesting done once they are three years old. Most often they will not need any follow-up booster vaccinations.

Creative Socialization and Desensitization

Most of what we are going to share with you are things we have already been practicing with your puppies and have always been a  part of our program. COVID-19 is a Pandemic that we are unfamiliar with within our human society, as breeder's life-threatening illnesses for our puppies and parents are a very real part of our everyday existence. Our puppies and mommas haven't completed their puppy shot series and are at higher risk for contracting illnesses such as parvo, long before The  Coronavirus surfaced. As part of the Chilliwack Labradoodles program, we have always taken safety precautions while still implementing some of the following ideas to help ensure your puppies come home desensitized and socialized to as many different things as possible. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, you can take advantage of extra time at home and help your puppy grow into a well-adjusted and well-trained adult. Social distancing with your dog might actually mean better-behaved dogs when life gets back to normal. During this time in our lives, we are unable to attend puppy classes however there are other things to focus on besides dog-dog interactions.  Socialization includes common experiences that your dog will have throughout their life and desensitizing them in a positive way to as many things as possible. We are able to do most of these things in the comfort of our own homes. Working on these things at home means fewer distractions, which will allow your puppy to focus and learn much more efficiently. During this pandemic, we can adhere to the safety precautions and still take our puppies and dogs out to socialize.  Just do it from a minimum of a six-foot distance. 

-Tactile experiences for your puppy

If your puppy cannot visit the groomer, bring the groomer to your puppy! Introduce your puppy to the bathtub, simply letting him walk in an empty tub. Brush your puppy, clean her eyes, and clip her nails. Frequently touch, rub, and hold your puppy's feet, paws, ears, and chin. Introduce him to as many ground surfaces as possible, grass, mud, gravel, wobble boards, manholes, and uneven forest floors. Fill their X-pen or play area with new items daily, cookie sheets for them to walk over, large balls, or obstacles they have to squeeze or climb over or an empty water bottle (with the label removed) filled with different items such as rocks, sand or rice. 

-Play different sounds in the background

Create a playlist, full of noises your puppy may experience in her lifetime. Sirens, household noises, animal or nature sounds are just a few.  While you blow-dry your hair, do the dishes, sweep and vacuum be sure your puppy is in earshot. 

-Introduce different scents to your puppy

Scatter kibble in the grass and have your puppy "Go Find It!"

If you have other animals in your home use a cloth to capture their scent and let your puppy smell the cloth.

Hide your puppy's favorite bone and have her seek it out.

-Go for a Drive

This will help desensitize your puppy using many of his senses.

Drive to your local hospital (keep enough distance) roll your window down let your puppy hear the sirens, people walking outside, doors opening and shutting. Her nose will be sniffing everything around her.

Park in a grocery parking lot, a factory, close to a train track anywhere your puppy can see people walking, the noises, sights, and sounds of each environment are a great way to socialize your puppy.

-Play Dress Up!

Dressing up in different hats, wigs, and costumes is another way to bring “new” people into your puppies’ lives without bringing strangers into your home. Dress-up can be important especially when we are isolated. Puppies and dogs startle when they see hats, beards, or brightly colored clothes if they have never seen them before! Pull out your Halloween costumes or your rain gear, get your whole family involved and have fun playing dress-up. 

-Socialize From a Distance

Take your puppy on a safe walk let him see the people on the other side of the road, reward him for not barking. (have a keyword you use to identify "not barking.")

Chat with your neighbors from a distance with your dog at your side. 

Find an isolated area, follow safety precautions, and let your puppy explore nature.

-Provide Lots of Puppy Brain Games

Use your Kong

Snuffle Mats are great!

Practice having your puppy come when called.

Set up a simple obstacle course for your puppy and teach them to walk, jump, or sit on mats as they move through the obstacle. Kids are creative and usually love to participate in these activities.

Interactive Toys

Food Puzzle Toys 


While you are Socializing/Desensitizing your puppy the most important thing to remember is to ensure every experience for your puppy ends up being a positive one. Puppies may be fearful, and forcing them to accept petting, closely approaching people, or objects can overwhelm them and worsen their fear even more. Monitor and manage your puppies' response to situations.

Labradoodles are social and sensitive dogs, they respond well to and learn by watch and listening for your tone of voice, facial and body expressions. Mark your dog's behaviors with treats and praise both verbal and physical by cuddling, petting, and play. If we change our tone of voice or remove ourselves from our puppy/dog's view these actions work well at letting the puppy know the behavior they were doing is not an acceptable one.  The greater the positively reinforced bond you have with your dog the quicker they will learn and repeat the good behaviors we are wanting from them. Your dog needs to trust you and feel confident in the mutual bond the two of you will build in order to learn the great long-term behaviors that you are seeking. Patience and consistency are what really works well for long-term learning and understanding of your fur baby. 

How to Groom Your Australian Labradoodle!

Your puppy will come home with its own personal folder containing important documents, in an upcoming Pup Date we will send out a video reviewing everything that is included in your puppy's personal folder.  For the sake of today's topic, one of the items you will find in the folder is a Grooming Card. 

It will be months from the time you bring your puppy home to the time they actually will require a full groom. Regular brushing, nail, and eye trims will need to happen more regularly. We have provided you with a "How To Groom Your Australian Labradoodle," link below. For those of you daring enough to want to try! For the rest of us here's hoping our regular Groomer is open very soon!


This week the puppies have enjoyed several new obstacle courses as well as daily items placed in their play areas. Overall the puppies are a bit cautious when approaching something new and once they are more familiar they gain confidence and are happy to investigate their environment. We continue to work one-one with each puppy daily, leaving an open crate with a stuffed Kong, bone, and or toy inside. They will move in and out of the crate and most enjoy laying in the crate to eat their Kong! They potty mainly on their potty mats. Often we will see puppies at this age starting to scale their X-pens, the puppies from our New Year New Hope Litter have not yet tried to do so however, this is a developed skill, and once they start practicing they can easily become adept with their "spidey sense," and scale pen. do not be surprised when they come home if they do.

Yesterday, all of the puppies went to our veterinarian to have their wellness exam. We are happy to report that all of the puppies tolerated riding in the car and their crate, amazingly well, everyone eventually settled in their crate and nobody even got car sick! During the wellness exam, some of the things our veterinarian examines are the puppy's ears, eyes, dentition, and bites. They also check their heart, skin, and coat condition. Moving to the rear of our dogs she is checking the genitalia, she ensures their hind legs are correct and that there are no issues with luxating patellas. When we go over each of our Puppies today we will include how each one did during their wellness exam. 

Today is the most exciting day next to Puppy Pick-Up Day! This litter of puppies really is an extraordinary group in terms of temperament and personality. After teasing through each little one's personalities and tendencies we were able to use all of our Puppy Assignment criteria to match the puppies to their forever home!   

Let's take a look at how each of our Australian Labradoodles is doing this week and find out who joins your family forever!

I will go through each puppy in the order of birth.

Black Zen is our Apricot-colored boy with generous white flash markings. Black Zen possesses a nice balance of calm and confidence. He is happy to sit back and access new situations before jumping headlong into something. One of the things the Harskamp family was hoping for in their puppy was that it be playful and have an adventurous spirit but be able to calm and settle down easily.  That is one of the reasons why Harskamp family Black Zen will be joining your family forever. When considering a family with younger children there are a few key traits we are looking for in a puppy, Mr. Zen's playful personality should be able to match the children, yet have subtle confidence to tolerate all they may throw at him. We are happy to hear you have joined the Baxter and Bella online training program, therefore you immediately have a great resource and source of support when it comes to positive reinforced training that will continue to help develop all of Mr. Black Zens exceptional attributes. Attending a hands-on puppy training class can be not only an amazing benefit to learning the skills necessary to train your puppy but it also creates a safe environment to socialize and desensitize your puppy all while enriching the sense of trust and relationship between human family members and their puppy. If one training school does not provide the schedule or fit your needs I encourage you to look at others. If you would like suggestions I am happy to give you a couple of others! Black Zen passed his vet check with flying colours with nothing to report. Congratulations Harskamp Family may Black Zen be part of your family's fondest memories when you reflect back years from now!


Peach Delight is also a beautiful apricot girl with very nice white markings. 

Peach is the type of girl that likes to watch and cleverly assess any new surroundings, once she is familiar her confidence builds and she playfully engages in everyone and everything around her. This girl has strong eye contact and looks to her people for direction, which makes for a stronger focus and easy training. She loves to cuddle, will run right up to us flopping over and onto her back for a tummy rub. Lynda and Laurie, I hope you are ready for Ms. Peach to delight your family forever because on  March 21 she will be going home with the both of you. Lynda was hoping to have her new puppy accompany her while she facilitates an Alzheimer's Support Group, while Lynda not only is there a great benefit for your support group members but this is a great way for Peach to continue to build on her desensitization and socialization. With her mild manners and personality, I think this is something she would excel at! As time moves on you may find yourself exceeding your current 10,000 step goal as it is hard not to get distracted by a dog's antics while out exploring and before you know it a challenging goal has become playful fun. I currently do not know of any books or videos on how to teach a dog to dance, if you find a great source please email me with the information as I like to keep a list of these sorts of resources on hand to recommend to others. Peach Delight passed her vet check with flying colours with nothing to report. Congratulations Lynda and Laurie!


Pink Blossom is a red female dog with a pseudo white tuxedo flash which she wears better than most males! Pink is an exceptionally well-rounded Australian Labradoodle she is clever, cautiously confident, easy to train, and LOVES people! Yu family you were hoping that your puppy was calm, social, and good with both children and elders Pink Blossom is all of this and more. She fits right in with our large diverse family and should transition into your equally large family quite nicely. Kayla Yu and family welcome your newest fur family member Pink Blossom!

Pink would love to accompany any one of you on a walk or challenge you to a hike as she matures, she will also readily cuddle up for movie night with the family and of course expect a belly rub being content for hours! I understand your family has a busy lifestyle and schedule which is another reason Pink was such a terrific match. While you are out, studying at home, or busy working around the house she has the type of temperament that can easily be content and entertain herself. Pink Blossom passed her veterinary check however, she did mention pink has a slight underbite, this is something we sometimes see in dogs, is purely cosmetic, and bears no weight on her health moving forward. Often times the underbite will resolve itself by the time the adult teeth arrive.  Congratulations Yu family may you all find comfort each day with your new furbaby. 


Little Red Firecracker is our solid red-coated girl. This young lady is playful and confident. The second she was able to be up on all fours she was first at her pen door to greet me with the absolute biggest tail wags!! She has amazing eye contact which will bode well when training, she is attentive but also curious, friendly, and loving. Peter and Jocelyn with the characteristics I have described above I am sure Little Red will be the best fur-baby for your family. With condo living comes the frequent potty walks which require the confidence to teach positive socialization, as she will be meeting many of your neighbors I am sure! She will readily be able to adapt to life on the water while kayaking and swimming! Jocelyn and Ms. Red can build up their walks over the next year, while you build up your running stamina Peter because once she has matured she will be happy to challenge you to a race! Little Red Firecracker will be pleased to welcome any invite onto the couch for an ear scratch or belly rub and just as content to warm your feet while you sit and crochet. Both her momma and pappa are exceptionally clever, easy to train, and once mature are now well-rounded dogs. Copper is exceptionally calm and attuned to his people, he visits seniors' homes as a form of therapy, and Bella is as clever as a dog comes, loyal and attuned! She is at my side while I knit, work on the computer or go for a car ride. If you whisper go for a walk you had better have her harness and leash ready! Little Red Firecracker passed her veterinary visit with nothing to report.

Congratulations Miles Family! May you experience many happy years with your new furbaby!


Mr. Orange is a twin to his sister Pink Blossom, he is a red dog with a generous amount of white flash. Orange Dragon is such a fun and playful fellow! He is exceptionally clever and attuned to everything going on around him. Orange is a conservative boy that watches his surrounding before moving into them. Allowing him the time to move into things at his own pace will continue to help develop his confidence in the most positive way. He loves his people and looks to them for guidance, building a positive, trusting relationship with Orange will establish the strongest and most loyal bond a dog has to offer. Kate Yang and Jeff  Guo Mr. Orange Dragon will be joining your family on March 21 your lives will be enriched forever! We cannot emphasize the importance of formal puppy training enough, whether that be online, attending a class, or both. Training wanted behaviors at a young age is absolutely invaluable and a foundational piece to many years of wanted behaviors and fond memories! Orange Dragon passed his veterinary exam with nothing to report.


Purple Peace is our female Australian Labradoodle who wears a red coat with white flash. All of us at Chilliwack Labradoodles could not be more excited to say that we will have the pleasure of watching Ms. Purple grow and mature into an adult Labradoodle as she will become part of our guardian program and join our amazing Guardian Family the Fisher/Fujii's! Ms. Purple is an excellent example of a well-rounded Labradoodles meeting all of the breed standards. Ms. Purple is confident and outgoing once she gets to know and understand her surroundings, she is attuned and has the potential to develop a strong resilience which is not only qualities we want to bring forward in future labradoodle lines but are necessary for a potential momma dog. As we all know you need a thick skin for those momma duties! Samuel and Shine, Ms. Purple is about to become your new best friend. Purple loves spending her days with our children she is both playful and cuddly. Consistent, positively reinforced training will help her continue to learn and develop a trusting and strong relationship with you. This girl will welcome car rides to any sporting event, she will embrace the outdoor nature of camping and may even try her hand at swimming in the lake. You may have already experienced just how much Labradoodles love playing in the snow through your times spent with Leche! I commend both Samuel and Shine as they have started a dog walking business in their neighborhood and I am told know all of the dogs in their area. Purple will be very happy to join your walking program, just remember until she has had ALL x3 sets for her vaccinations you will need to limit her dog walks and keep her away from the neighborhood dogs. Most of the dogs in your area will have already been vaccinated but they can pass on a deadly disease to Ms. Purple who does not yet have her vaccinations. When walking her be sure to walk in places no other dogs frequent, do not let her sniff telephone poles or fence posts as other dog migrate to these places and she could contract a disease by simply sniffing after them. Now I know Ms. Purple and Leche will eventually get to know each other well!!! I encourage you to listen to the Baxter and Bella podcast episode #57 this is a FREE podcast that reviews bringing your puppy home, but most importantly for your family, it will give you terrific tips on how to introduce your new puppy to Fur Friends such as Leche! 


I am happy to hear that you will be attending Top Dog Canine Training this will be an invaluable experience for your family and puppy! Congratulations Andrew, Natsuko, Samuel, and Shine I look forward to hearing about some of the amazing memories you are building with Purple Peace!

Green Dream is one of our caramel/red coated puppies with beautiful white flash.

Mr. Green truly is a dream! Simply put Green had the most remarkably well-rounded temperament perfect for family life. Not only is he perfect for family life, but this boy also has the nurturing attunement necessary for relationships with those who need an extra boost at the end of a trying day. Adams family I am pleased to say we have found the newest and most compatible fur family member for you to build many memories with for years to come. Lauren you are about to find out just how empowering it is to develop a mutually trusting relationship with your soon-to-be best friend. Mr. Green is a super cuddly, clever, and attuned boy who will be happy to curl up in your lap or roll over for a belly rub. In turn, he is going to need you to provide him with positively reinforced social experiences in order for him to continue to develop his playful confident personality! Your family is an active one and enjoys the love of sports Mr. Green Dream was meant for your family as he has a passion already for balls and go fetch. Reward him well with treats when he returns the ball to you and he will be your most avid ball player! Whether he comes along to be a spectator at one of your sporting events, joins you on a hike or a day at the beach if invited he will enjoy every minute! Mr. Green will easily be able to settle and snuggle up at your feet while you are doing homework or approach you for an invite up to the couch where he will likely expect a belly rub! I am glad to hear you will be attending the Ann Jackson Dog Training I have heard great things about the program. Green Dream has passed his veterinary exam with nothing to report. 


Like her brother before her Bonnie is a Caramel/Red puppy, with beautiful white flash.

Sometimes I think by merely naming this girl Dr. Bonnie she has taken on the characteristic of her namesake. This girl is composed, clever and calm. She is happy to be off on her own napping or content chewing a bone while her siblings zip around. While assessing and matching our puppies it truly was Dr.Bonnie Blue that we feel confident is the best fit for Joan and LeRoy George. Oh, Bonnie Blue is still a puppy and exhibits a playful fun side while still being considerate. I know your past experience with planting tulips Joan and it is sufficed to say Bonnie would love to be at your side while planting them this spring, but do not be fooled the temptation may be too great to resist for even our dear Bonnie, those puppy instincts may take over and you will have the ground overturned and tulip bulbs at your back door courtesy of your new fur family member! Bonnie wears a wavy fleece coat similar to her mother Bella's which usually is helpful in families that experience allergies. Joan this girl is attuned has terrific eye contact and is ready to learn.

Bonnie Blue passed her veterinary check however, she did mention Bonnie Blue has a slight overbite, this is something we sometimes see in dogs, is purely cosmetic, and bears no weight on her health moving forward. Often times the overbite will resolve itself by the time the adult teeth arrive. Congratulations George family we are wishing you new adventures in this next chapter of your life!


If your family has already chosen the name for your newest member please email it to us and we will be able to start calling him/her by their new name!

Of course, if you have any questions you can email us at

Chilliwacklabradoodle.com and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Your next pup-date will arrive two weeks from now, however, we will email you your Puppy Contract and Health Warranty next week.