Good afternoon Chilliwack Labradoodle Families! 

This our eight-week Pup Date on the puppies from our Peppermint Mocha Litter! Can you believe this is the final Pup Date prior to your puppies coming home!?

This week we will provide you with information and suggestions around "Bringing Your Puppy Home." 


Saturday, February 8th, 2020 is pick up day! Some of the items we suggest you pack in your vehicle for pick-up day are:       


-Collar and Leash                                                                       -Blanket

-Pee Pad                                                                                         -Small squeaky chew toy

-Crate with crate mat                                                                -Treat pouch

-Bully Stick and Kong in the crate                                         -with poopy bags

-A bottle of water and water bowl                                         -and treats (even just kibble)                            

On pick-up day leaving the harness at home would probably be best. There will be enough changes for your puppy and fussing with a harness for this initial experience will not be the most positive.

We suggest that you leave your crate in the car when you arrive and prepare to pack your puppy out with you when you leave. If an adult or older calm person can hold the puppy for the ride home we suggest capitalizing on this by creating your puppy's first positive bonding experience with you. This time in the car is an important first with your puppy he will be using his sense of smell, sight, and hearing to associate himself with his new "Pack." So you will want the car ride to be calm, quiet, nurturing and a smooth ride. You want to convey to your puppy right from the beginning that you are a safe person, that he can feel secure and that he can trust you will take good care of him. 

When you arrive at home pack your puppy to where you have decided to have her go pee. Let her have a potty break. Bring her in and let her explore your puppy areas.  After twenty minutes or so then take her back out to pee. If she drinks water in between you may want to take her pee sooner. 

Over the hours and days to come, remember everything your puppy is experiencing is new! They are in a new home, their routines have changed, every person in the house is different, the house does not have a familiar smell, not to mention they have just left their momma and all of their littermates this may translate into a diminished appetite or a change in stool. If your puppy starts having loose stool or appears constipated we recommend you add a tablespoon of canned pumpkin to their meals this will quickly correct the problem. Pumpkin is a great natural high fiber source that we use for our puppies and dogs as well. 

Labradoodles tend to have a low food drive. They enjoy food but it is not their focus so if your puppy seems disinterested in her food in the upcoming days, no need to worry. They can skip a meal and they will be just fine.  If your puppy is not eating sitting down beside your puppy and trying to get her to eat some kibble from your hand may very well help encourage her to eat. After she has eaten a bit from you stand up and let her try on her own again, she likely will start picking at it on her own. 


 Your puppy is not used to being the sole center of attention.  Now she has your whole family cuddling her, playing with her, taking turns with her, which is terrific and good for her.  Just know this can be overwhelming and she will need her calm quiet naps. 

At the bottom of this page, I will leave the links to all of our previous Pup Dates.  this will allow you to quickly refer to past information quickly. 

There will be issues that crop up over the days and weeks to come we are here for you for life! Everyone at Chilliwack Labradoodles is invested heart and soul in the health and happiness of all of our dogs, we are happy to help!

This week the puppies have been continuing to work on desensitization.  It is not too critically cold outside so they have been using the doggy door daily with great success. They have been running around throughout the house and outside on several different ground surfaces including concrete, crusher rock, and grass. They have experience sunshine and rainy days alike.  The puppies have had gradual increments of crate time during our one-to-one interactions. During car rides, they are also crated and become quite the high pitch bunch of little singers, by the end of our car ride mostly they have settled in and are quiet in their crates. We are happy to report at this time none of the puppies have gotten car sick! Several times throughout the day we are spending critical time with our puppies, reinforcing wanted behaviors and keeping them in check with unwanted ones.   

The puppies have spent time at the Veterinarians this week getting their spay and neuters, first set of vaccinations, deworm and microchip implants. We only had one guy not quite ready to have his neuter, he will need to mature a bit more before we proceed with this.  All of the puppies did amazing and have bounded back within 24 hours. Our Veterinarian and staff were in complete awe of what great temperaments and how calm the litter on a whole was. We are very proud of The Peppermint Mocha crew!!

Do not let the terrific reviews lure you into a false sense of what to expect from your puppy, our Veterinarian treats and has had many years of experience with all sorts of different breeds and The Peppermint Mocha Litter does indeed have great temperaments and are quite calm for puppies. They are still puppies!

Our hope is for all of our families to get as much sleep as possible in the first nights home with your baby!  Our best advice is for you to be consistent, especially with crate training. If you put the work in at the beginning you will have many relaxing and happy years to come with your, new fur-family member.

Let's take a look at how each of our miniature Australian Labradoodles are doing this week.

1.) Our firstborn puppy is now known as Bodhi.  He is an exciting chocolate and white parti patterned boy.




2.) Bree is now the newly named Dark Blue Ribbon Girl. She is a very decadent chocolate phantom. Phantom is when the puppy has a base colour and has the tan markings on the face, eyebrows, paws, and under the tail.












3.) Duke who was previously Yellow Ribbon Boy is our number three born his silky soft fleece is also the Chocolate Phantom colouring that we all love!













4.) Our Red Ribbon girl was born fourth in the litter. Red Ribbon has a Tri, Chocolate Phantom. Tri refers to the fact that she has three colourings in her coat, chocolate, tan and white.








5.) Our number five boy is Light Blue Ribbon he now has the fitting call name of "Kip!" Also a gorgeous chocolate phantom coat.















6.) Light Purple Ribbon girl has now the fitting name of Charlotte! She was born sixth and like her sister, Red Ribbon has a stunning Tri, Chocolate Phantom coat.












7.) Number seven born is our Green Ribbon boy will forever go by Archie. Light Green is a beautiful chocolate with white flash.












8.) Peach Ribbon girl has that appealing chocolate with a white flash coat the same as her elder brother.













9.) Our precious Light Pink girl has a super sleek chocolate colour.














Of course, if you have any questions you can email us at


We are providing you with the links to your "Warranty" and "Puppy Contract." Do read over both of these contracts prior to your pick up day.  If you have any questions you can email them to us and we'll be happy to address them ahead of pick up day in order to allow for the excitement of your new fur baby to take precedence.  When you arrive on pick-up day we will go over the contracts, any additional questions you may have and will have you sign them here. 



Please do remember to follow our Puppy Safety Protocol for your visit!



Pup Date History!











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