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In order for you to be ready for your puppy some of our families have inquired as to what supplies you may need for their arrival. Here’s what we suggest at Chilliwack Labradoodles….

  • Feeding bowls 

  • Flat cloth buckle or snap collar

  •  Light weight six-foot cloth leash

  • Metal Dog Play Pen

  • Crate

  • Baby Gate

Baby Gate

 Crate and gates

You will need a place to put puppy when you can’t supervise him. Crates are ideal and they have the added benefit of creating a safe place or den for puppy. When selecting a crate, consider purchasing one that will be large enough to accommodate your dog when he is fully grown.

A dog should be able to stand up, turn around and stretch out completely without hitting the crate walls. Most crate companies offer dividers so that the crate can be made larger or smaller. If you prefer to contain puppy to one area, baby gates are ideal. Note: Unless your puppy is a toy breed, we recommend purchasing extra-tall baby gates.

Virtually all dogs will be able to jump over the standard size gate but even our wildest jumper hasn’t been able to get over the Kidco brand, extra tall baby gate.

  • Puppy will prefer a nest feeling in its crate. (If it is too hot for puppy he may simply want to lie on the bottom of a cool crate) We recommend easily washable items , towels or baby blankets. Pads or cushions are great as well but you will need to make sure they are washable.

  • Good quality chew toys and lots of them puppy is teething and likes to play! Encouraging your puppy to chew the toy rather than your finger will teach him appropriate ways to live in our human world.

  • Front Lead Harness (Leash should be able to clip on a loop at the front of the harness positioned by the dogs chest) It will be less likely the dog will pull. Harnesses with the loop on the a back cause the dog to instinctively want to pull.)

  • Rubber Kong Pink or Baby Blue Colour to start. (This will help with teething andexpending energy through mental stimulation.

  • Nutrience Sub Zero Dog Food

  • Treat Pouch for training

  • Healthy Treats (you could simply use your puppies kibble) (Please Refer to our suggested Food and Treat Pamphlet)

  • ID Tag

  • Pet waste bags purchased at your local pet store are convenient for picking up after your puppy.

  • A pooper-scooper you may find helpful.

  • A large bucket or garbage with a lid in your back yard to contain your puppies daily waste. (Adding 2-3 inches of kitty litter to the bottom of your enclosed bucket will help keep your yard clean and tidy, while reducing smells and eeps lfies from invading your garbage can.

  • Brush:  Slicker Brush