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Over The Rainbow

Chilliwack Labradoodles Madam Bailey is very much a twin of her momma, our girl, DoodleLane's My Ginger Girl Annie, tender, loving and affectionate with a beautiful playful side. Bailey is a true healer of the human soul compliments of her momma. This calm and thoughtful mannerism is passed along to each and everyone of their puppies.


This will be a repeat pairing between our girl Bailey and with our proven boy Puppy Loves Coffee Crisp, aka Bailey! Their last litter of puppies produced beloved temperaments with the ridiculously cute teddy bear good looks adorned by everyone.  Bailey's lineage runs deep in our program consistently producing puppies with well rounded temperaments and the silky teddy bear coats most desired in Australian Labradoodles. 

ex sit IMG_9229 EDITED_edited_edited.jpg

Litter Availability:  Available       

 Size: Miniature 

Excellent  litter announcemnet pagemoniii_edited.jpg

Birthdate:                                                     Sept, 2024

Expected Going Home:                             Nov. 2024 

Estimated Colours:       Rainbow litter! Potentially producing puppies wearing coats in various shades of red, cream, apricot, caramel, chocolate, black, with possible patterns of sable, phantom or even parti!  Some of these puppies will be solid some with white flash.

About The Litter

Bailey and Bailey's Previous Puppies! |  Bailey's 'N' Spice Litter

What we might expect from their next litter| Repeat breeding

Currently Accepting Applications

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