Good Evening Chilliwack Labradoodle Families! 

This is our First Week Pup Date for Clover's Surprise Parti Litter.

For last month's Pup Date we provided you with information around Puppy Socialization and Training. This month's Pup Date we will provide you a list of  "Our Favourite Supplies as well as information on one of our favorite local trainers and access to free online "Training Books. 

So far the first week of our puppies’ lives has been a very busy one for both the puppies and their Momma Clover.  Clover devotes all of her time to caring for and nurturing each and every one of her nine puppies.  The proof definitely reflects how well they are developing and how much they have been growing!

You will notice that all of the puppies’ eyes are sealed shut, as are their ears. When puppies are born they cannot see, hear or eliminate on their own they are entirely dependent on their mother.  

I would like to introduce you to each of our puppies and tell you a little bit about each one. I will go through each puppy in the order of birth.

At Chilliwack Labradoodles, we use an amazing trainer in Abbotsford. I realize the location may not be ideal for everyone, we are just providing you with information you may find helpful. 


Monique Charbonnier is who we use and recommend for Puppy Training and Socialization classes. Monique does in-class training as well as private Coach Training sessions.

Puppies as young as 9 weeks old can join the group class as long as they are health checked by a veterinarian and have their first puppy vaccine Parvovirus and Distemper!

Which your puppy will be receiving before coming home to you.


We have included Dr. Ian Dunbar's Best Seller Book: Before& After you get your puppy.

At 18 weeks of age your puppy will become a "teenager," the more socialization and training she/he can receive prior, during and after this period the better.

I have downloaded free online books written by Dr. Ian Dunbar.


Here is Monique's contact information:


Email:  gentlepuppytraining@gmail.com


Monique Charbonnier CPDT-KA.CC

 Member of the APDT www.apdt.com

 Member of the CCPDT www.ccpdt.org


28442- 58 Avenue Abbotsford BCV4X2E8



We have uploaded an "Outdoor Video" of The Birthday Litter to their 6-week Pup Date. If you click on the link below it will take your Pup Date!

This month you should send off Monique's information, free books and authors you suggest for families. As well as announce DATE of Pup Visit and Puppy Pick up date. 

Clover has grown a little more stalky in build and is slowing down in nature. She is ohhh so loving and cuddly. With her due date at the end of the month, this is exactly what we would expect of our pregnant momma!

For last month's Pup Date we asked you to think about How To Get Your House Set-up and Planning for your Puppy's arrival. This month we will provide you with information around Puppy Socialization and Training, Choosing your Veterinarian, Vaccination and Deworming.


Training is a terrific way for you to teach, learn and socialize your puppy all at the same time.  Training and Socializing your puppy is a couple of the most important things you can do for your puppy, it is critical in the early months of a puppy's life. Your puppy will have had one vaccination and some immunity built up from momma. If you wait to start training and socializing until all their vaccinations are given you will miss the critical period for when your puppy needs socialization. Is there a risk of taking your puppy to training classes without having all vaccinations completed? Minimal but yes.


As always if you have any questions you can email us at chilliwacklabradoodle.com and we will be happy to answer them for you.




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