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Just In Time For The Holidays

Chilliwack Labradoodles Silver Espresso, aka Coco, is one of our standout Labradoodles.  Coco is not only a stunning example of her breed but also embodies the best qualities of her lineage, making her a beloved member to her guardian family and a joy to her future puppy owners.


Meet Coco

Coco is the daughter of our cherished Chilliwack Labradoodles Sakara, and she truly mirrors her mother's exceptional traits. Dedicated to her humans, Coco is an extremely clever, affectionate, and playful companion. Her social nature and welcoming demeanor make her an instant favorite among everyone she meets, whether they are humans of any age or fellow animals.


Her friendly and affectionate mannerisms are not just surface traits; they are deeply ingrained qualities that she passes on to every one of her puppies. Coco's ability to connect and bring joy to those around her is a testament to her remarkable temperament.


Coco's Lineage

Coco's lineage is a cornerstone of our breeding program. With deep roots in our carefully curated bloodlines, we can accurately predict the traits of her offspring. This consistency ensures that Coco's puppies inherit her well-rounded temperament, making them ideal companions for families, individuals, and therapy roles alike.

very much a twin of her momma, our girl, Chilliwack Labradoodles Sakara, decicated to her humans, extremely clever, affectionate and playful. Coco is social, welcoming to both humans of all ages and animals!  Her friendly and affectionate mannerisms are passed along to every one of her puppies.


 Coco's lineage runs deep in our program, which makes estimations accurate, giving us the ability to consistently produce puppies with well-rounded temperaments. 


Litter Availability:  Available       

 Size: Miniature 

Birthdate:                                                     Oct,.  2024

Expected Going Home:                             Dec. 2024 

Estimated Colours:     We anticipate puppies with predominantly chocolate, chocolate phantom, or caramel coats. Some puppies may wear solid coats color, and some have white flashes.   

About The Litter

We are currently in the process of carefully selecting the ideal sire for this litter.

What We May See In This Upcoming Litter|   

Currently Accepting Applications

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