Good Evening Chilliwack Labradoodle Families! 

This is our Seven-week Pup Date on the puppies from The Surprise Parti Litter!

The last Pup Date we provided you information regarding Potty Training.

This week we will provide you with information around Veterinarian, Vaccination, and Deworming. As well as the moment you have all been waiting for  "THE BIG REVEAL" Which puppy will be your forever fur baby! 

All nine of our puppies from the Surprise Parti Litter had their Puppy Veterinarian Appointment and are all well and healthy! No one became motion sick in the car, and our veterinarian and staff. Our Veterinarian and Staff had only great things to report back regarding the litter!  


If you have not already done so you should be inquiring after a Veterinarian for your new puppy. 

During the Coronavirus epidemic, most veterinarians are only open for urgent care. However, you can still do your research and find a veterinarian. When looking for the right veterinarian for you we suggest that you phone a few clinics in your area and start off by speaking with the front staff.  Speak to your family and friends to gain information from them as to who they could recommend as a veterinarian. 

Information that may be important to you will likely be....

-What are their hours? Are their hours convenient for what you are needing? 

-Does their office have a 24-hour vet on call? or will you need to seek after-hours Veterinary services elsewhere?  It is great if your vet does their own after-hours emergency services even if they rotate their after-hours shifts with other Veterinarians in the same office. This way they will have access to all of your puppies history, they will likely be able to answer some of your questions on the phone which could save you a late-night trip to the vet.

-Is the veterinarian familiar with Australian Labradoodles?

If you decide this could be a potential Veterinarian for you ask if you can schedule an appointment for an interview with the Veterinarian. There will likely be the cost of consultation involved but it is important to make sure your new Veterinarian aligns with your beliefs in puppy health care. It is important to have a good relationship with your Veterinarian and that together you can decide on the best treatment options for your puppy/dog.


Your puppy will have had his/her first vaccination and deworming before they come home to you. The next vaccination and deworming should be arranged for at least 4weeks after the first one, the third four weeks after the second vaccination and deworming. Your veterinarian will advise you on this. When your puppy is 20 weeks old we suggest that you ask your Vet to do Titre Testing, which is a way they can determine if your puppy has sufficient immunity built up and therefore no longer needs vaccinations. We would also suggest having a follow-up Titre Testing done once they are three years old. Most often they will not need any follow up booster vaccinations.

Today is the most exciting day next to Puppy Pick-Up Day! We could not be more pleased with Clover's Surprise Parti Litter! This litter of puppies encompasses everything we are looking for in terms of temperament and personality in an Australian Labradoodle. After teasing through each of these little one's personalities and tendencies we were able to use all of our Puppy Assignment criteria to match the puppies to their forever home!      

Ms. Red Ribbon will be joining the Cox family and remain in our beautiful city of Chilliwack! She is full of love and life and will be happy to join her family on their daily hikes and we are sure she will be thrilled to accompany you on your sailing adventures! Red Ribbon loves to play with children and will be happy to have the grandkids over to romp around with, rest assured when they leave she will be equally as happy to settle at your feet while you finish your work.  Congratulations Cox family may the next chapter in your lives be filled with entertaining excursions!

















Ms. Purple Ribbon has a smooth caramel coat with a well-rounded temperament to match.  This is one of the reasons we chose her for her forever family.  Purple Ribbon already has a new name, she will no longer be called Purple Ribbon but our dear "Appa." Her forever family together chose her name and decided Appa would suit any fur-baby added to their home and we agree this little girl truly fits her new name! Appa will also be staying in our hometown of Chilliwack with the Wallace/O'coin Family! Appa is an active and confident little girl she loves all people especially children which of course makes this a great fit for her new family. We will need to be upfront and warn you this girl is happy to settle down for tones of cuddles and love! Congratulations, you now have a four-legged baby to add to the two-legged ones! 






















Mr.Blue Ribbon boy has a caramel coat with a white flash and a huge white marshmallow of a heart! This little boy excuses the stocky, blocky look and square short nose his family described, that paired with his loveable and sweet disposition will surely win the heart of his new lifetime companion, Cassidy. Mr. Blue Ribbon approaches things with clever caution, to begin with, but once he becomes familiar with a situation his confidence takes over and any inhibition gives way to sheer joy and fun!  Cassidy once both of you have an established trust he will look to you to teach and guide him.  This bright little boy will quickly become a regular face in your family album! 



















Mr. Green Ribbon will be taking a road trip and meeting his new family in Medicine Hat Alberta and then carry on to his new home in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Mr. Green Ribbon should do terrific in his travels as he has enjoyed all of his car rides thus far and usually ends up falling asleep. Denis Family I am excited to say that Mr. Green Ribbon will be forever a part of your family! Mr. Green has an amazing balance of both play and calm. He will be happy running around with both Ella and Alexa and just as quickly stop for big hugs and cuddles. This little guy is great with both children and other animals. He may be a bit shy at first but once he gains your trust will be loyal to you for life. Mr. Green will be thrilled to have Zara to play with as well, of course, Zara may need to adjust to this new guy in her space but we have no doubt with his courteous disposition he will allow her the time and space needed to fall madly in love with him. Congratulations  Denis Family









Mr. Yellow Ribbon boy will be going home to the Walsh Family! This guy is patient, playful and ready to give unconditional love to his forever family! When we enter the nursery we get the pleasure of this beautiful boy gazing up at us with his mesmerizing eyes. He awaits direction and is ready to please.  Mr. Yellow ribbon has the confidence to entertain himself and the sweetest cuddliest personality when he is with both his humans and fellow littermates. Mr. Yellow Ribbon will be happy to have a fellow fur baby to hang around with! He is considerate when it comes to his current littermates requests and will easily accommodate his new pal Muggins. Congratulations Walsh family I am sure this amazing guy will complete your family!








Peach Ribbon wears a silky caramel coat and is intuitive and can adapt to many situations. Peach Ribbon is cleverly cautious. She will access her surroundings and decide when she will fit in. Rai/Badial family Peach Ribbon will be joining your family forever! When you take the time to build a trusting relationship with this little one she will be at your side in good times and bad. Offering unconditional love. Peach is a playful girl that easily settles down and will sit right in front of you looking you directly in the eye waiting for direction, grama should have no worries Peach has a kind soul and extremely clever. This girl is Best Friend Material and committed for life. May your fondest memories moving forward include Peach Ribbon!





















Chilliwack Labradoodles will be retaining Ms. Pink Ribbon, for our Guardian Program. Pink Ribbon who has now been named Sophie by the Burden family will live with her Guardian Family forever and be a part of our program. Sophie has a terrifically well-rounded temperament and personality. She is adaptable loves to be with her people and gets along well with other dogs. She will be happy to live in a home with another four-legged fur baby to chum around with. Sophie has amazing eye contact and is ready to take direction, it truly is hard to walk away from this little one when she is gazing deeply up at you!  She can start off a bit shy but warms up quickly and is a playful happy girl. Sophie is always up for cuddles and puppy love! We are glad that you have Registered her into the online training with BAXTER and Bella. This type of one-one online training truly is invaluable especially in the times that we find ourselves living in. Burden Family, we wish you many years of fond memories with our sweet Sophie!





















Orange Ribbon has a chocolate coat that does not even compare to his sweet heart! Edwards family I hope you are ready to bring this heartthrob home to live with you forever. When we open the play area this boy is always the last one waiting he makes sure to get his cuddles before running off to play. He is calm and quiet he loves kids and adults alike if you have a lap he is happy to curl up in it!  Mr. Orange Ribbon is cautious at first but quickly warms up and is ready to learn new things. He will be happy to go on walks, up to the lake and out fishing in the boat or equally happy to cuddle on the couch while you are watching your favorite program. When we asked you to tell us about your perfect dog you did not know it at the time but you were completely describing Mr. Orange Ribbon! Congratulations Edwards Family!


























Black Ribbon has a stunning caramel coat with white flash that matches his stunning, unflappable personality! Mr. Black Ribbon will be joining the Gill family forever this coming Monday, May 4th! Black Ribbon can be shy until he get to know you and then this boy exudes playful confidence. Black Ribbon will be happy to attend soccer games, go for walks, hikes, and camping. Labradoodles are known for their love and devotion to people and our Black Ribbon is no exception, he is waiting in his nursery looking up lovingly waiting to come to spend any time can with us! With you at his side he will enjoy getting to know all of his new family members extended or otherwise. Black Ribbon is well rounded in every way except this boy to brighten any journey you take him on and be just as content curled up over your feet as you work tediously through your studies. Congratulations Gill Family!













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