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Good Afternoon Chilliwack Labradoodle Families. This is your August Pup Date for our Chocolate Confetti Cake Litter. I hope everyone our beautiful Summer! While you are out enjoying the trails, parks and beaches be sure to take note of which ones are dog friendly.


In just a few weeks time, we will be welcoming our girl Lily's, litter of puppies into the world! We look forward to Lily's arrival and watching her move into her nurturing role of motherhood. 

At Chilliwack Labradoodles, we have always gone above and beyond following strict health and safety standards when it comes to our home and puppies.  Now with the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have revamped our protocols in order to ensure the continued health of our dogs, puppies, and families. We will provide you with a link just below this paragraph to the page of our website titled "Modified Health and Safety Protocols."

For our last months' Pup Date we introduced you to the amazing BAXTER and Bella online dog training program. How To Get Your House Set-up and Planning for your Puppy's arrival will be this month's Pup Date topic. 

-Which door will your puppy go in and out of at your house during potting training?

It is really important when you are doing house training or any sort of training to have consistency. You will want to pick the door that is most convenient to you and that goes directly to your "potty area."

Puppies have a really short attention span so you want to make sure that the door is easily accessible and the potty area is right outside the door.  If you are involving your children in potty training you will want to make sure the door is easy to open for them.

Have you thought about a designated area to house your puppy chew toys, or leash and collars? This is especially important when you have more than one member in your home. We have our harnesses and leashes hanging on 3M hooks directly beside the door to where we take our dogs potty.  This works great for us.

-Next, have you decided where your puppy will eat?

As I said puppies do have short attention spans so choosing a place to eat that is a bit out of the way so the puppy can concentrate on eating is important.  Labradoodles are notorious for having a lack of food drive, fewer distractions should help with that.

-Where is your puppy going to sleep?

We highly recommend your puppy sleep in your bedroom with you in a crate for at least the first few weeks.  When we sleep we elicit pheromones and dogs absorb those pheromones just by being in the same room as us.  Those pheromones help to build the bond between you and your dog.  It helps them become a member of your "pack." During the first couple of nights, your puppy may want to get up during the night to go to the bathroom.  As well as being close by to hear the bathroom signal from your puppy, sleeping close by will help give your puppy a sense of comfort during his transition. It is fine if your puppy sleeps with your children, as long as your children are prepared to take the puppy out at three or four in the morning for a potty break.

-You will also want to consider if you will be having any "Dog Free," zones in your home?

In our home we have some dog-free zones, our children's playroom is one area. Our kiddos have lego and all sorts of little bits and toys hiding in the playroom. We are all aware that this is a Dog Free Zone and make sure to shut the door to that room, we have taught our dogs early on to stay outside that room. 

You can expect your next pup date will be your Litter Announcement Pup Date! Each of our Pup Dates will provide you with useful information on topics related to bringing a new puppy home. We touched on potty training in this pup date but will go over that a bit more in a future Pup Date as well. 

If you have any questions the best way to connect with us is via email at we are always happy to help.



- Hello we are the Heggs, or as many refer to us the Chilliwack Labradoodles family. We are a large, neurodiverse family who come together each day continuing to thrive on our strengths while building on areas of stuggle.  In doing so we have found our connection and passion for the Australian Labradoodle. All of our puppies are born and raised in our home with us.  We reside in Chilliwack, BC Canada.

The Chilliwack Labradoodle Advantage:

Puppies are born with a base temperament nurturing this temperament through desensitization and socialization beginning within the first days of life are critical in helping mould the way they approach and view the world. Providing you a playfully curious puppy that  adjusts well to new environments.  

Each of us brings our own unique style to the program providing variety in our approach with your puppy which creates a strong foundation for a well socialized puppy.  This varied approach in their early stages of life helps  the puppy to learn that new experiences are ok no matter who they are with.


With one of our main focuses on temperament we understand a gentle approach ending in positive experiences while they are in our home will provide them the base necessary to transition into your home allowing you to continue this process with ease.

This variety in socialization allows our puppies to develop their temperament in ways they may not otherwise be exposed.

At Chilliwack Labradoodles, we are dedicated to providing families with Australian Labradoodles bred with the intention of enhancing their lifestyles and strengthening their family units in today's fast-paced and diverse society. We are committed to paying purposeful attention to the temperament of our dogs and providing long-term support to ensure the quality of life for both our families and dogs.


In today's fast-paced and diverse society, families often struggle to connect and find meaning in their relationships. However, engaging in active play can have a deep therapeutic value and help strengthen the family unit. By committing to play and taking on responsibilities together, family members can gain a better understanding of themselves and each other. Ultimately, this can lead to a stronger bond built on love and play, helping individuals to discover their core selves.

The goal is to help both our young and mature audience understand and appreciate core emotions and develop gratitude. We want to build self-confidence and experience the unwavering feeling of unconditional love through non-judgmental connections. Our aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle in a fun way, with the added bonus of a deep sense of personal satisfaction and connection.

Learning to live with your dog as part of your family is not just about training your pet. It is also about rediscovering the core values of self-awareness, responsibility, and commitment through interactive play. It's about feeling the deep connection and unconditional love that comes with being a responsible pet owner. This life experience is priceless, as it strengthens the bond between you, your family, and your furry friend, taking us all back to the essence of what truly matters in life.

Our understanding of the unique needs and lineage of our Australian Labradoodles ensures that each family receives a puppy that is most compatible with their individual needs and preferences.

Chilliwack Labradoodles is dedicated to providing high-quality Australian Labradoodles, bred with the intention of enhancing the lifestyle and family unit living within today's modern, fast-paced, and diverse society. We understand the unique needs and preferences of our families and the lineage of our Australian Labradoodles, which allows us to ensure that each family receives a puppy that is most compatible with their individual needs.

Our focus is on breeding healthy and happy Australian Labradoodles with temperaments that match the demanding 21st century lifestyle. We prioritize the individual family unit to ensure that our puppies are well-suited to their new homes and lifestyles.

The Missing Piece in Today's Modern Family.

You are finally here! Let us help you find your most compatible family fur member.

From Our Family to Yours We Are Proud To Share, The Missing Missing Piece to Enrich Your Modern Family

Finally you are here! Let us help you find your most compatible family fur memeber

Bringing Intangible Reward! The Missing Piece In today's Modern Family.

As a non-traditional modern family, we have realized that our Australian Labradoodles can serve as a common ground to connect with others and bridge the gap created by the complexities of modern society. Our furry companions give us a sense of purpose, help us stay healthy and active, and also allow us to connect on deeper levels with others.


Australian Labradoodles have loving families who ensure their wellbeing and promote healthy lifestyles. Their unconditional love creates a safe and comforting environment to connect more freely at the end of a long day.

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