Good Afternoon Chilliwack Labradoodle Families!

This is our seven-week Pup Date on the puppies from our Luxury Gems Litter.

In the last Pup Date, we provided you information regarding basic Grooming including Ear Care, Potty Training.


This week we will provide you with information around Veterinarian, Vaccination, and Deworming. We will brainstorm creative and effective ways in which you can socialize and desensitize your puppies during the isolating time of COVID-19. We will provide you with a link on How to Groom Your Australian Labradoodle. Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for  "THE BIG REVEAL" Which puppy will be your forever fur baby!  Finally, we will provide you with information and suggestions around "Bringing Your Puppy Home."


If you have not already done so you should be inquiring after a Veterinarian for your new puppy. 

During the Coronavirus epidemic, most veterinarians are only open for urgent care. However, you can still do your research and find a veterinarian. When looking for the right veterinarian for you we suggest that you phone a few clinics in your area and start off by speaking with the front staff.  Speak to your family and friends to gain information from them as to whom they could recommend as a veterinarian. 

Information that may be important to you will likely be...

-What are their hours? Are their hours convenient for what you are needing? 

-Does their office have a 24-hour vet on call? or will you need to seek after-hours Veterinary services elsewhere?  It is great if your vet does their own after-hours emergency services even if they rotate their after-hours shifts with other Veterinarians in the same office. This way they will have access to all of your puppy's history, they will likely be able to answer some of your questions on the phone which could save you a late-night trip to the vet.

-Is the veterinarian familiar with Australian Labradoodles?

If you decide this could be a potential Veterinarian for you ask if you can schedule an appointment for an interview with the Veterinarian. There will likely be the cost of consultation involved but it is important to make sure your new Veterinarian aligns with your beliefs in puppy health care. It is important to have a good relationship with your Veterinarian and that together you can decide on the best treatment options for your puppy/dog.


Your puppy will have had his/her first vaccination and deworming before they come home to you. The next vaccination and deworming should be arranged for at least 4weeks after the first one, the third four weeks after the second vaccination, and deworming. Your veterinarian will advise you on this. When your puppy is 20 weeks old we suggest that you ask your Vet to do TiterTesting, which is a way they can determine if your puppy has sufficient immunity built up and therefore no longer needs vaccinations. We would also suggest having a follow-up TiterTesting done once they are three years old. Most often they will not need any follow-up booster vaccinations.

Creative Socialization and Desensitization

Most of what we are going to share with you are things we have already been practicing with your puppies and have always been a  part of our program. COVID-19 is a Pandemic that we are unfamiliar with within our human society, as breeder's life-threatening illnesses for our puppies and parents are a very real part of our everyday existence. Our puppies and mommas haven't completed their puppy shot series and are at higher risk for contracting illnesses such as parvo, long before The  Coronavirus surfaced. As part of the Chilliwack Labradoodles program, we have always taken safety precautions while still implementing some of the following ideas to help ensure your puppies come home desensitized and socialized to as many different things as possible. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, you can take advantage of extra time at home and help your puppy grow into a well-adjusted and well-trained adult. Social distancing with your dog might actually mean better-behaved dogs when life gets back to normal. During this time in our lives, we are unable to attend puppy classes however there are other things to focus on besides dog-dog interactions.  Socialization includes common experiences that your dog will have throughout their life and desensitizing them in a positive way to as many things as possible. We are able to do most of these things in the comfort of our own homes. Working on these things at home means fewer distractions, which will allow your puppy to focus and learn much more efficiently. During this pandemic, we can adhere to safety precautions and still take our puppies and dogs out to socialize.  Just do it from a minimum of a six-foot distance. 

-Tactile experiences for your puppy

If your puppy cannot visit the groomer, bring the groomer to your puppy! Introduce your puppy to the bathtub, simply letting him walk in an empty tub. Brush your puppy, clean her eyes, and clip her nails. Frequently touch, rub, and hold your puppy's feet, paws, ears, and chin. Introduce him to as many ground surfaces as possible, grass, mud, gravel, wobble boards, manholes, and uneven forest floors. Fill their X-pen or play area with new items daily, cookie sheets for them to walk over, large balls, or obstacles they have to squeeze or climb over or an empty water bottle (with the label removed) filled with different items such as rocks, sand or rice. 

-Play different sounds in the background

Create a playlist, full of noises your puppy may experience in her lifetime. Sirens, household noises, animal or nature sounds are just a few.  While you blow-dry your hair, do the dishes, sweep and vacuum be sure your puppy is in earshot. 

-Introduce different scents to your puppy

Scatter kibble in the grass and have your puppy "Go Find It!"

If you have other animals in your home use a cloth to capture their scent and let your puppy smell the cloth.

Hide your puppy's favorite bone and have her seek it out.

-Go for a Drive

This will help desensitize your puppy using many of his senses.

Drive to your local hospital (keep enough distance) roll your window down let your puppy hear the sirens, people walking outside, doors opening and shutting. Her nose will be sniffing everything around her.

Park in a grocery parking lot, a factory, close to a train track anywhere your puppy can see people walking, the noises, sights, and sounds of each environment are a great way to socialize your puppy.

-Play Dress Up!

Dressing up in different hats, wigs, and costumes is another way to bring “new” people into your puppies’ lives without bringing strangers into your home. Dress-up can be important especially when we are isolated. Puppies and dogs startle when they see hats, beards, or brightly colored clothes if they have never seen them before! Pull out your Halloween costumes or your rain gear, get your whole family involved and have fun playing dress-up. 

-Socialize From a Distance

Take your puppy on a safe walk let him see the people on the other side of the road, reward him for not barking. (have a keyword you use to identify "not barking.")

Chat with your neighbors from a distance with your dog at your side. 

Find an isolated area, follow safety precautions, and let your puppy explore nature.

-Provide Lots of Puppy Brain Games

Use your Kong

Snuffle Mats are great!

Practice having your puppy come when called.

Set up a simple obstacle course for your puppy and teach them to walk, jump, or sit on mats as they move through the obstacle. Kids are creative and usually love to participate in these activities.

Interactive Toys

Food Puzzle Toys 


While you are Socializing/Desensitizing your puppy the most important thing to remember is to ensure every experience for your puppy ends up being a positive one. Puppies may be fearful, and forcing them to accept petting, closely approaching people, or objects can overwhelm them and worsen their fear even more. Monitor and manage your puppies' response to situations.

Labradoodles are social and sensitive dogs, they respond well to and learn by watch and listening for your tone of voice, facial and body expressions. Mark your dog's behaviors with treats and praise both verbal and physical by cuddling, petting, and play. If we change our tone of voice or remove ourselves from our puppy/dog's view these actions work well at letting the puppy know the behavior they were doing is not an acceptable one.  The greater the positively reinforced bond you have with your dog the quicker they will learn and repeat the good behaviors we are wanting from them. Your dog needs to trust you and feel confident in the mutual bond the two of you will build in order to learn the great long-term behaviors that you are seeking. Patience and consistency are what really works well for long-term learning and understanding of your fur baby. 

How to Groom Your Australian Labradoodle!

Your puppy will come home with its own personal folder containing important documents, in an upcoming Pup Date we will send out a video reviewing everything that is included in your puppy's personal folder.  For the sake of today's topic, one of the items you will find in the folder is a Grooming Card. 

It will be months from the time you bring your puppy home to the time they actually will require a full groom. Regular brushing, nail, and eye trims will need to happen more regularly. We have provided you with a "How To Groom Your Australian Labradoodle," link below. For those of you daring enough to want to try! For the rest of us here's hoping our regular Groomer is open very soon!



Preparing for Puppy Pick-Up Day! 

With the email to this Pup Date, we confirmed your pick-up date and provided you the location, and time your family is scheduled to pick up your puppy.  Some of the items we suggest you pack in your vehicle for pick-up day are:       


-Collar and Leash                                                                       -Blanket

-Pee Pad                                                                                         -Small squeaky chew toy

-Crate with crate mat                                                                -Treat pouch

-Bully Stick and Kong in the crate                                         -with poopy bags

-A bottle of water and water bowl                                         -and treats (even just kibble)                            

On pick-up day leaving the harness at home would probably be best. There will be enough changes for your puppy and fussing with a harness for this initial experience will not be the most positive.

We suggest that you leave your crate in the car when you arrive and prepare to pack your puppy out with you when you leave. If an adult or older calm person can hold the puppy for the ride home we suggest capitalizing on this by creating your puppy's first positive bonding experience with you. This time in the car is an important first with your puppy he will be using his sense of smell, sight, and hearing to associate himself with his new "Pack." So you will want the car ride to be a calm, quiet, nurturing, and smooth ride. You want to convey to your puppy right from the beginning that you are a safe person, that he can feel secure, and that he can trust you will take good care of him. 

When you arrive at home pack your puppy to where you have decided to have her go pee. Let her have a potty break. Bring her in and let her explore your puppy areas.  After twenty minutes or so then take her back out to pee. If she drinks water in between you may want to take her pee sooner. 

Over the hours and days to come, remember everything your puppy is experiencing is new! They are in a new home, their routines have changed, every person in the house is different, the house does not have a familiar smell, not to mention they have just left their momma and all of their littermates this may translate into a diminished appetite or a change in stool. If your puppy starts having loose stool or appears constipated we recommend you add a tablespoon of canned pumpkin to their meals this will quickly correct the problem. Pumpkin is a great natural high fiber source that we use for our puppies and dogs as well. 

Labradoodles tend to have a low food drive. They enjoy food but it is not their focus so if your puppy seems disinterested in her food in the upcoming days, no need to worry. They can skip a meal and they will be just fine.  If your puppy is not eating sitting down beside your puppy and trying to get her to eat some kibble from your hand may very well help encourage her to eat. After she has eaten a bit from you stand up and let her try on her own again, she likely will start picking at it on her own. 

At this time I would like to leave you a couple of links to BAXTER and Bella's FREE Podcasts, you can find these and many other free informative podcasts on their website. The two links I am providing you are directly related and provide great information regarding bringing your puppy home for the first time! You can listen to the Podcasts in the car and provides great information for the kiddos. 




This week, the puppies went to our veterinarian to have their wellness exam. We are happy to report that all of the puppies tolerated riding in the car and their crate, amazingly well, everyone settled in their crate quickly, seemingly content and comfortable. Nobody even got car sick! During the wellness exam, some of the things our veterinarian examines are the puppy's ears, eyes, dentition, and bites. They also check their heart, skin, and coat condition. Moving to the rear of our dogs she is checking the genitalia, she ensures their hind legs are correct and that there are no issues with luxating patellas. Each puppy in this litter has passed their veterinary examination with nothing to report.

Today is the most exciting day next to Puppy Pick-Up Day!

We love the playful inner confidence of this litter, they are cautiously curious and will move into new situations at their own accord.  Once you bring your puppy home it will continue to grow and develop its little personality. Puppies mirror their environment and will adapt to your lifestyle and home which is why it will be important to have conversations as a family about bringing forward a calm consistent environment to help nurture a calm mannerism in your puppy.


After teasing through base temperament, learning styles, and growing personalities we have been able to apply our findings with our Puppy Assignment criteria to match the puppies to their forever home!   

Let's take a look at how each of our Australian Labradoodles is doing this week and find out who joins your family forever!

I will go through each puppy in the order of birth.

Blue Sapphire Boy wears the sleek and trendy chocolate phantom coat. He was born weighing 256 grams, today Blue weighs in at 2.64 kg. Mr. Blue has a playful and confident demeanor he is great around children, enjoys the company of his littermates but can just as easily be happy to explore on his own. These qualities will make him a great candidate for a busy family with young children. Blue is quick to understand and once he has established trust with his people will easily work to please! Malcolm, Julie, Jacob, Caleb and Aria please welcome the newest member of your family Blue Sapphire Boy. 

Blue will make each daily walk one worth taking, he will run the sidelines' at your soccer games wishing he can join in, on the ride home he will be happy to snuggle in your lap relishing in your calm affection. 

Blue has passed his veterinary exam with nothing to report. Congratulations Monisit family Blue is thrilled to be coming home at the end of this week!

pup dateIMG_2111_edited.jpg

Red Amber girl wears a beautiful Chocolate Phantom Coat similar to that of her father. She was was born weighing 261 grams, today Red weighs in at 3.01 kg. Red is a playful confident

girl who has no trouble entertaining herself if need be. She is truly a remarkably well rounded miniature Australian Labradoodle and the girl we are proud to say will be the girl we retain for our program. Navi and Dale, your wait is over get ready to welcome you new fur-baby into your hearts and home forever!

Red will enjoy getting to know her new BFF Juniper and hopefully Juni can teach her proper dog etiquette as she transitions from puppyhood. Knowing that Dale has not had an allergic reaction to Juniper only makes the match between Red Amber and your home most ideal as she has a similar coat to Juni. 

Red has passed her veterinary examination with nothing to report. Congratulations Navi Rai and Dale Sekhon, may she put a smile on your face each and every morning!

date IMG_2070_edited.jpg

Purple Amethyst wears a decadent chocolate phantom coat. She was was born weighing 262 grams, today Purple weighs in at 1.99 kg. Purple  is an absolute sweetheart, she does not rush headlong into a situation she takes time to access her surrounding and those in them, when she is ready she will happily ease her way in. She is a calm easygoing girl who is comfortable napping on her own but easily connects with humans and prefers to cuddle if the opportunity presents itself.  Dorri and Drew the one quality or attribute you had hoped for in your dog a "clam." Purple fits this description perfectly.

She will be thrilled to learn leash walking and accompany on you daily walks, splash in wonder at the edge of the water while you ready the boat and be your most loyal companion when Drew is away! Purple has passed her veterinary examination with nothing to report. Warga family get ready to start this new chapter in your book with Purple as the main character! 

pup dateIMG_2166_edited.jpg

Emerald Green boy wears gorgeous teddy bear coat with just the right phantom highlights.   He was was born weighing 272 grams, today Green weighs in at 2.98 kg. This stunning fellow has a glowing personality to match his good looks! Green has a natural confidence about him, he is curious and playful with a great amount of common sense. Green enjoys the company of others, he is great with dogs, yet has the ability to entertain himself. Lorne and Rae you described yourself as active retirees who wanted a dog with a friendly personality, may we introduce you to your forever companion Emerald Green. 

Green will be happy to show off on each walk through the neighborhood, quite happily introducing himself. He will be happy to work for his treats while training and become your most loyal companion. Green is always up for human connection, which in dog terms means a snuggle, belly rub and please don't stop!! Phillips family please welcome your newest member.

pup dateIMG_2081_edited.jpg

Black Lava Stone wears a deep chocolate phantom coat.   He was was born weighing 254 grams, today Black weighs in at 2.69 kg. Mr. Black has a good balance of energy and calm he enjoys the company of his littermates but when vying for the role of leader he will politely excuse himself moving on to better things. He is a clever boy who will learn quickly and can adapt to new situations. He has the the sensibility to know when it is time to play and time to settle. He will be a terrific candidate for the volunteer work you hope to do with residents at the care homes Joan.


Black Lava Stone has passed his veterinary check however, he does have an umbilical hernia, this is something we do see in dogs, they are best repaired at the time of neuter and will bear no weight on his health moving forward. In the case of Black we ask that you have his hernia repaired at the time of his neuter surgery, Chilliwack Labradoodles will cover the reimbursement of the hernia portion of this surgery, you can find the details outlined in your Bill of Sale.    Joan Churchill Black Lava Stone will be the little fur-boy with the well-balanced temperament you were hoping to add to your family, Congratulations!

pup dateIMG_2181_edited.jpg

Pink Rose Quartz Girl wears a sleek Chocolate phantom coat. She was was born weighing 247 grams, today Pink weighs in at 2.1 kg. Pink may be a tiny bit of a girl but she definitely has a big heart! While she enjoys her time with her littermates her first loyalty is with

her people, from children right up to the elderly. Pink is exceptionally clever, with a terrific playful calm demeanor. She has a strong inner confidence, with your experience with dogs Kelly and Tim I suspect you will be quite pleased at her desire to please. While Pink is very social and friendly she is not abrupt, will learn her place with your existing dog and be thrilled with her new role as Kelly's lifetime companion. When Shiloh's Guardian family came to visit their grandchildren were drawn to Pink and spent much time with easy play and snuggles I foresee the same will be true with yours.

Pink has passed her veterinary examination with nothing to report. Congratulations March family I suspect the addition of Pink Rose Quartz will be worth your wait!

Pup Date IMG_2148_edited.jpg

Orange Fire Opal Boy wears sleek deep chocolate coat with subtle phantom highlights.  He was was born weighing 295 grams, today Orange weighs in at 3.38 kg. Mr. Orange best fits the description of  playful, chill and affectionate. He is up for fun with anyone who would like to join him, he has a friendly welcoming personality and can easily figure out when to entertain himself. This attuned and clever boy will join the Nelmes family taking his place right next to Kaitlyn any time she needs to snuggle. Get ready Kaitlyn this guy will not only entertain you to the point of putting a smile in your heart but truly be a source of unconditional love and loyalty!

Orange definitely has the strong inner confidence you are hoping for in a puppy positive reinforcement training working at his own pace will continue to develop this while strengthening a trusting bond that will last a lifetime. He will welcome Loki's visits, will be excited to accompany you on your next camping adventure, or roll over beside you in hopes of a belly rub anytime of day.

Orange Fire Opal has passed his veterinary check however, he does have an umbilical hernia, this is something we do see in dogs, they are best repaired at the time of neuter and will bear no weight on his health moving forward. In the case of Orange we ask that you have his hernia repaired at the time of his neuter surgery, Chilliwack Labradoodles will cover the reimbursement of the hernia portion of this surgery, you can find the details outlined in your Bill of Sale.  Congratulations Nelmes family may each morning greet you with huge tail wags and comedic entertainment.

pup dateIMG_2143_edited.jpg

Yellow Beryl Girl is a stunning chocolate phantom dog. She was was born weighing 317 grams, today Yellow weighs in at 2.49 kg. Raman and Jevan I sure it is clear to you both by now that Yellow Beryl will be the one joining your family forever! Yellow is very connected and loves to be with her people, when we walk into the room her eyes lock into ours awaiting direction. When a dog offers us eye contact it tells us they hope to follow our direction. Affirming this good behavior with a soft smile or even a treat will help build on this attuned connection making training an easier process.   Ms. Yellow has a thoughtful approach to new situations, she determines her surroundings and moves in with a playful inner confidence. 


Mehva and Naryan I hope your defense in soccer is a good one as I am sure in just a few months Yellow will be ready to steal the ball! 

Yellow Beryl has passed hes veterinary check however, she does have an umbilical hernia, this is something we do see in dogs, they are best repaired at the time of spay and will bear no weight on her health moving forward. In the case of Yellow, we ask that you have her hernia repaired at the time of her spay surgery, Chilliwack Labradoodles will cover the reimbursement the hernia portion of this surgery, you can find the details outlined in your Bill of Sale. Congratulations Roycombough/Gill Family  Yellow will be your newest member in just a few days!

Yellow IMG_2207_edited.jpg

We hope you enjoy your seven week pup date Video! If your family has already chosen the name for your newest member please email it to us and we will be able to start calling him/her by their new name!

Of course, if you have any questions you can email us at 

Chilliwacklabradoodle.com and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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